Locke'sIrish Whiskey

A very enjoyable blend designed for drinking any time of the day or night

The Locke's Irish Whiskey brand originates from Locke's Distillery in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath which is situated along the banks of the river Brusna in the heart of Ireland.

Locke's Distillery has the distinction of being the oldest licensed distillery in the world dating back to 1757. This was a small rural distillery that prospered in the 19th century by successfully exporting its whiskey to the UK, US, Argentina, Australia and other UK colonies. The change in the economic climate eventually forced Locke's to cease operations in 1953 and sell of its assets. This loss in distilling history was ultimately Cooley Distillery's gain when it bought over Locke's Distillery and its remaining assets in the late 1980's.

Locke's Irish Whiskey is made from marrying malt and grain whiskey together. This fine whiskey is double distilled in traditional pot stills and patent stills and uses only the finest malted barley, maize and the purest Irish spring water. Maturation of Locke's Irish Whiskey takes place in the 200 year old warehouses in Kilbeggan. A blend of malt and grain whiskey that has been gently mature in oak casks is used to create the distinct flavour and character that is unique to Locke's Irish Whiskey.

"From the blenders point of view Locke's is the most difficult to produce because of the variety and complexity of the constituents. There at least three malts and four grains which are specifically selected and drawn together to give a premium with a delicate balance. The character of this whiskey comes from the higher malt content giving it texture and smoothness with age not usually found in a blend". Noel Sweeney, Cooley's master blender.

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