KrugChampagne & Sparkling Wine

Krug is one of the few Champagne houses that ferments in the barrel, adding a luscious richness to its wines, as well as a toasty, biscuit character that is highly prized.

Good Vintages

There are some wonderful vintage Krug Champagnes available, but as Krug is so long-lived, they are slightly older than many other Champagne houses. Great examples include the much-praised 1990 vintage, as well as 1996 and 2000.

How long does Krug age for?

Krug Champagne can be aged for a very long time. It is delicious drunk young, offering an enticing blend of crisp fruit and toastiness, but as it ages, a wonderful complexity develops, emphasising the rich toastiness. Mature Krug Champagne is something that a Champagne lover must try at least once…


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