Campfire Gin

Campfire Gin


Produced at Puddingstone Distillery in the Chiltern Hills - the first small batch gin distillery in Hertfordshire - Campfire Gin is named after founders Ben and Kate Marston's love of a G&T enjoyed beside a roaring campfire. Built in 2016, the distillery opened its doors for the first time on 11th November 2016.

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Campfire GinGin

Created by a couple of gin-lovers and adventurers, Campfire Gin was designed to be enjoyed either at the bar or under the stars, surrounded by nature.

While the distillery was built in 2016, Puddingstone distillery began in 2014 when Ben and Kate Marston decided to step into the unknown and set out to found Hertfordshire's first small-batch gin distillery. In 2015 they received their first license to distil at home and began perfecting the formula that would become Campfire Gin.

Through 2015 the search for somewhere to build the distillery went on, until a chance meeting with Simon Mead, a local farmer and producer of Chiltern Mead, and in January 2016 the contruction of a new building on the P E Mead & Sons Farm Shop in Wilstone began. In April 2016 they asked the public to choose two inspirational female explorers to name the distillery's stills after and the resulting names are Emilia Earhart and Isabella Lucy Bird.


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