​Desbons Cassis ‘Tirage de Premiere Infusion’ is a super-concentrated cassis made using top-quality Noir de Bourgogne blackcurrants. The immense concentration is achievable because of the percentage of fruit per litre of spirit: the smallest possible quantity of alcohol is used, so that the fruits are just covered. This means that the quantity of fruit is the maximum possible per litre of alcohol, and so per litre of juice after the seven week maceration period.

For the Tirage de Premiere Infusion, a staggering 750g of blackcurrants are used to produce each litre of liqueur. Everything is done to obtain the most rich and intense fruity taste possible: this is why no water is added and the strength is kept at 20%, the highest level allowed by French regulations.

Desbons Cassis ‘Cuvée des Deux Cassis’ refers to the two varietals of blackcurrant that are used to produce this “creme”. It is obtained by infusion of two varieties of blackcurrant: the “Royal de Naples” variety for fruitiness, and the “Noir de Bourgogne” for body and structure.

The production process is almost the same as for the “tirage de première infusion”, but after having drawn off the juice, some alcohol is poured on the fruits again, and a second infusion is done. The two juices from the first and the second infusion are then blended to get a balance between the tannins and the body of the second infusion and the fruitiness of the first one.

Desbons Crème de Mûres is produced using small intensely-flavoured wild blackberries from the brambles that flourish along the country paths of Burgundy. They are harvested at the end of the summer, when they are completely ripe - an essential requirement for quality.

The quantity of fruits used to produce a litre of “Crème de Mûres Desbons” is around 400 grams. The sugar added to the maceration naturally reduces the alcoholic strength, so water does not need to be added, making Desbons Creme de Mûres one of the most intense on the market.

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