Qi Spirits is dedicated to making the finest tea spirits in the world. They use only hand-selected natural ingredients, and prepare small-batch liqueurs in the tradition of Old World craft distillers for authentic flavor, balance, and astonishing quality.

From the Qi website:

About Qi Spirits

Qi Tea Liqueurs are a modern, Bay Area response to the millennia-old tradition of medicinal herbal liqueurs. Sitting at the center of a rich culinary tradition that bridges East and West, we bring the extraordinary variety of tea to the world of distilled spirits. We spent three years tasting through hundreds of teas, herbs, fruits and spices before arriving at our unique and exotic flavor profiles. All the goodness of tea is retained through our secret distilling process.

Throughout history, the development of herbal liqueurs was influenced by trade in botanicals along the Spice Road. Qi Black marks the beginning of that historical path, using Lapsang Souchong tea from the far east of China, artfully blended with exotic herbs and spices. The second bottling, Qi White, takes us West, blending delicate white tea from China with a selection Mediterranean oranges, including bergamot, a fragrant citrus that grows on the the Ionian coast of Italy.

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