It was in 1852 that the house was established by Auguste Dupuy, succeeded by Edmond Dupuy in 1895. In 1905, two Norwegian men, Peter Rustad and Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen, take over the destiny of the firm. While continuing the "Dupuy" brand, they launch their own brand "Rustad & Bache- Gabrielsen" on the Scandinavian market.

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After Mr Rustad's death, Thomas becomes the sole owner of the company, which from 1932, he manages with his eldest son René's help.After Thomas's death in 1942, René continued the business and ran the company for nearly 50 years.

René's eldest son, Christian Bache-Gabrielsen, who joined the firm in 1968, is the present manager, assisted by Jean-Philippe Bergier, the Cellar-master. The company is entirely owned by the "Bache-Gabrielsen" family. Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, Christian's eldest son and representative of the 4th generation, is getting prepared to carry on the tradition. Since 1852, the managers and the staff have been keeping in mind that Cognac production is an art and have been dedicated to expanding foreign sales. Dupuy Company offers good products and good service which lie at the heart of its reputation.

Cognac Dupuy have been producing their Cognacs according to the traditional Charente method since 1852. They are matured in oak casks and bottled on the premises in their own chais. Parfums Rochas of Paris have entrusted to Dupuy the exclusive production of their Cognacs.


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