GanciaVermouths and Aperitifs

The company is still 100% owned by the Gancia family, now in its fifth generation, which fully controls the company and is deeply involved in all its business aspects from the production to the distribution and marketing of a full range of sparkling wines and aperitifs.

The Product

The vermouths of the house of Gancia are known as the ‘Classic Italian Aperitif’. They were introduced at the beginning of the century by Gancia as the ‘Vermouths de Torino’ all over the world. The secret recipe of alpine and exotic herbs, infused with alcohol and then blended with a specially selected wine base, has not been changed since its creation thus affirming the renowned success all over the world of the vermouth. The Gancia Vermouths are produced in three versions each of them with different characteristics; Blanco, Rosso and Dry. They are ideally enjoyed at home or in bars as the perfect aperitif, straight with ice or as a basic ingredient in cocktails.

In addition, Gancia make a Barolo Chinato aromatised wine called Antica Recetta. This is produced using DOCG Barolo, macerated with quinine, gentian and rhubarb (amongst other flavourings) and served as an after-dinner digestif.

Technical characteristics

Wine, alcohol, sugar, herbs and spices
Production method
Mixture of the extract obtained from the infusion of herbs and spices in alcohol and then blended with wine.


  • Alcohol Content: 14.8%
  • Sugar Content: 170g/litre
  • Colour : Golden
  • Taste : Delicate and aromatic


  • Alcohol Content: 14.8%
  • Sugar Content: 160g/litre
  • Colour : Ruby red
  • Taste : Pleasant, rich and spicy


  • Alcohol Content: 18%
  • Sugar content: 20g/litre
  • Colour : Clear
  • Taste : Delicate and winey
  • Gancia
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