The Perfect MeasureNosing and Tasting Glass

The Perfect Measure Glass is designed to provide an enhanced experience in both nosing and tasting drinks – but what sets it apart?

The Perfect Measure Glass

“There are loads of great glasses on the market,” explains The Whisky Exchange co-founder Sukhinder Singh, “but we felt all of them had elements that could be improved upon. In The Perfect Measure Glass, we believe that we have created a beautiful object with the perfect shape to deliver aromas and flavours in just the right way – and in perfect concentrations.”

The angle of the lip flare has been painstakingly tweaked to deliver aromas to the nose at just the right intensity. This same angle also delivers the spirit to what we consider the optimal point of the tongue for tasting.

Smell and taste aren’t the only senses to have been considered, either: where many glasses are constructed out of a number of pieces of glass, fused together after construction, the stem of the Perfect Measure’s crystalline glass is drawn down from the bulb itself while still molten. Not only does this mean that the glass has a satisfying weight to it, but it’s also a delight to hold, with few distracting joins.


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