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The dark and gold rums from Captain Morgan are by far the brand's best-known offerings, but you also might like to try its delicious Parrot Bay Caribbean Coconut Liqueur. This is no longer made for the UK market, but we often manage to bag some for Whisky Exchange customers. (There's no piracy involved, we promise.)

Who was Captain Morgan?

Outsourcing isn’t just a modern phenomenon. In the 17th century the British government relied on the services of privateers to do their harassing of the Spanish for them. These men, essentially legal pirates, were adventurers who plundered Spanish cities in the Caribbean.

One of the most famous privateers was Welshman Henry Morgan, whose many adventures included the expedition that seized Jamaica and converted it to an English colony. Having started at the bottom of this dubious career ladder, he quickly gained enough money to captain his own ship and eventually went on to become the ‘admiral’ of an entire buccaneer fleet.

After an exhilarating – and not always well-judged – privateering career, Morgan was knighted by King Charles II (who had arrested him a few years before, but that’s a long story) and sent back out to Jamaica as Lieutenant Governor. He never again went to sea and died a very rich, respectable man in 1688.

In 2011 Captain Morgan’s flagship The Satisfaction was discovered by archaeologists off the coast of Panama.


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