Whisky from the Aberfeldy distillery, built by Dewar's in 1898 on the edge of Highland Perthshire, lies at the heart of all Dewar's whiskies, giving them their signature heather-honey overtones.

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Each Dewar's Scotch whisky benefits from the experience of more than 150 years of craftsmanship. Dewar's was founded in 1846 by John Dewar and in time, his sons John Alexander and Tommy inherited the firm. Today, still in independent family ownership, Dewar's brands are found around the world.

The finest creation of the entrepreneurial Dewar brothers was the Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt distillery, built in 1898 on the edge of Highland Perthshire. The Aberfeldy distillery uses traditional production methods that would be instantly recognised by its founders. The Dewar's marrying process invented by Dewar's first Master Blender, AJ Cameron, adds richness that science cannot explain and ensures a perfectly balanced and exceptionally smooth Scotch.

Whisky from the Aberfeldy distillery lies at the heart of all Dewar's whiskies, giving them their signature heather-honey overtones. Very strictly limited quantities of vintage aged Aberfeldy are now also available as a Single Malt. The Dewar's range consists of Dewar's White Label, Dewar's 12 Years Old Special Reserve, Dewar's 18 Years Old Founders Reserve, Dewar's Signature, Aberfeldy 12 Years Old Single Malt and Aberfeldy 21 Years Old Single Malt.

In the international world of whisky, Dewar’s White Label stands out as one of the most enduring, most highly-awarded whisky brands ever bottled. For generations, Dewar’s White Label has been among the top five best-selling brands globally and the number one brand in the U.S.A. Created in 1899 through the innovation and expertise of Dewar’s first Master Blender, A.J. Cameron, Dewar’s White Label continues to be the flagship of Dewar’s brand portfolio.

The earliest bottle label has the Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria. Modern labels display the Coat of Arms and Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II. Dewar's award-winning single malt, Aberfeldy, lies at the heart of the Dewar’s White Label blend, giving Dewar’s White Label its sophisticated honeyed taste and gently lingering finish. Dewar’s White Label can be enjoyed straight, mixed or in Dewar's cocktail creations including Dewar's Sour, Dewar's & Ginger and Dewar's Sidecar.

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