Flavoured Rum

Rum has so much character and flavour that it is a great base for adding flavours too, be they fruit-based, spices, coffee or something more esoteric.

How is it made?

There's no secret to making flavoured rum. A good, characterful rum is the perfect base, then various ingredients and flavours are added to take the rum in a totally new direction, be that fruit, spices or something richer.

Famous Flavoured Rum Brands

Many popular rum producers have dipped their toes into the flavoured-rum pool, including Bacardi, Plantation and Dictador. Bacardi, for example, favours fruity rums, using the likes of apple and pineapple for a refreshing take on rum, while others head towards the richer end of the spectrum, with caramel, coffee and honey all on the menu.

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