Fruit Liqueurs

In the modern market liqueurs are made with almost every fruit imaginable, with all the usual suspects well represented. While the practice of drinking liqueurs straight is declining (Sambuca and Aftershock notwithstanding), exotic new fruit liqueurs designed to be used in cocktails are continually appearing.

Classic fruit liqueurs include the likes of Midori melon liqueur and the 'black raspberry' Chambord. While these liqueurs are must-stocks for any cocktail bar, there is always room for a good-quality product offering something new. A good example of this type of product is the delicious lychee liqueur Kwai Feh, which is used in the popular Lychee Martini cocktail.


Blue Curacao

All of the fruit liqueurs in the world, the unforgettable hue of Blue Curacao is one of the first that springs to mind, a drink that has become synonymous with beach-bar cocktails. The liqueur comes a variety of styles, prizes and shades of blue.


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