Whereas vintage Armagnacs state the year the grapes were grown, non-vintage expressions are labelled based on either the youngest component of the blend in years or classified according to one of five categories (VS, VSOP, XO, Napoléon or Hors d’Age).

Age Statement Armagnacs

Similar to whisky, Armagnacs with age statements expressed in years denote the youngest component of the blend. These can vary from brandies which could be classified with a category, for example a 5 year old (which could be labelled as a VSOP), or those which are aged over and above the highest Hors D’Age category (such as those at 20 years old or more)

Classified Armagnacs

Armagnacs in this category are classified according the age of the lowest eau-de-vie in the blend and fall into one of five designations:

Must be aged for a minimum of two years in wood
Four years and over
XO and Napoléon
Both must be aged for at least six years
Hors d’Age
10 years or more

Typical Character and Style of Cuvee

  • Oak Oak
  • Dried Fruit Dried Fruit
  • Raisins Raisins
  • Clove Clove

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