Brandy and Marc

Marc is made in the same way as grappa – distilled from pomace (a by-product of the winemaking process, consisting of grape stalks, skins and seeds), with the best examples coming from Burgundy (Marc de Bourgogne), made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay pomace.

What is brandy?

Brandy is a distilled spirit made in numerous countries all over the world from a variety of ingredients. Grape brandy (made with grapes!) is usually made in regions and countries with a history of wine production. By the way, cherry brandy is not a brandy at all, but is actually a fruit liqueur, made by macerating fruit in neutral alcohol, then adding sugar, just like other liqueurs.

Brandy cocktails

Brandy works a treat in cocktails, and is the main ingredient in iconic cocktails such as the Alexander, Sidecar and Blazer. In terms of serving brandy, some prefer the outsized balloon glass, which ensures the brandy aromatics leap out of the glass; others prefer the sleeker, more delicate tulip glass, which some say delivers the perfect balance of aromas.



Marc is usually darker and more mellow than grappa, however, due to prolonged ageing in oak barrels, which also adds bags of complexity.

Typical Character and Style of Brandy

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