Vintage RoseChampagne

Only made in superior vintages, quality is consistently high, and at typically less than twice the price of non-vintage equivalents, they usually represent excellent value.

How is Non-Vintage Rosé Champagne made?

Rosé Champagne gets its colour in a very different way from still rosé wine. Still rosé involves 'bleeding' colour from the skins, partially macerating them until the juice is the preferred shade of pink. But with rosé Champagne, you are allowed to blend white and red wine to achieve the rosé colour before it undergoes secondary fermentation (the process that gives Champagne its fizz).

Famous Rosé Champagne brands

Almost every well-known Champagne brand will have a rosé Champagne bottling, but among the two most respected are from Laurent-Perrier and Billecart-Salmon. Both houses make delicious rosé Champagne that bursts with soft red-fruit flavours.

Typical Character and Style of Vintage Rose

  • Biscuits Biscuits
  • Toast Toast
  • Yeast Yeast
  • Strawberry Strawberry

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