Amrut Fusion

Amrut Fusion
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Consistently one of Indian distillery Amrut's most popular bottles, Fusion is a rich and warming single malt with delicious notes of fresh fruit and vanilla, followed by a smoky finish.

Amrut Fusion is created from a mix of 75% unpeated Indian barley and 25% peated Scottish barley. These are separately distilled and aged for four years, then 'fused' together for a further three months. The result is an award-winning whisky that has introduced many people to the splendours of Indian whisky.

Amrut Fusion

Tasting Notes

ByStuart Peskett
The Whisky Exchange

Nose Fresh and tinned fruit – peaches, mangos, apricots, plus spicy cinnamon and clove, joined by aromas or Earl Grey tea and just a touch of smoke and sea spray.

Palate A real hit of fresh fruit and citrus-orange notes, with black pepper and cinnamon adding a zingy layer of spice. Rich and refreshing; absolutely delicious.

Finish The spice and fruit linger for a long time.

Amrut Fusion

About Amrut

Amrut Distilleries was founded in 1948 by JN Radhakrishna. Its initial products were brandy and rum, but in 1982 it became the first company to make single malt whisky in India, discovering along the way that the warm Bangalore climate matures whiskies at three times the rate of that in Scotland.

Amrut, which means 'nectar of the gods' in Sanskrit, was introduced to the overseas market in 2004, where it has since gained a loyal following. Popular bottles in its range include Amrut Cask Strength, Amrut Rye and Amrut Fusion.

Amrut Fusion

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  • 4
    22 August

    Great value for money, very good.

  • 5
    30 July

    An Indian Single Malt Whisky, at par or superior to many famous international brands like Glen Morangie, Glenfidich, Blue Label etc. One of my favorite whisky choices. Strongly recommended to all whisky lovers.

  • 5
    29 June

    Its at par with Big brands like Johny WalkerBlack Label, Blue Label, Glenfidich, GlenMorangie, but what makes it better than these famous brands is its pricing

  • 5
    3 June

    Best whisky I ever had. Better than most single malt Scotches and the smoky taste is just mouthwatering.

  • 5
    11 March

    Still one of my favourite Whisky suprises. Love it

  • 5
    27 February

    one of best single malt i have tasted.

  • 4
    31 January

    Very Good and smookey ??

  • 5
    26 January

    Finally, I tasted it for the first time. Interesting product.

  • 4
    27 December 2017

    Love it... Question: What about pesticides used for growing the barley? How is prevented? Does anyone know?

  • 5
    18 December 2017

    Yes, I LOVE AMRUT Fusion! I found out about Amrut Fusion a few years ago from an article I read about the best whiskeys in the world.

  • 5
    10 December 2017

    A superb taste

  • 5
    6 December 2017

    Enjoyed every sip. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    6 November 2017

    Agreablement surpris.

  • 5
    1 November 2017

    A very good whisky at a very affordable price.

  • 5
    24 September 2017

    When I looked at this and read that it is Indian, I felt, what on earth did someone in India thought of making a single malt? And my word, this is amazing. Perfect balance of tastes. I would have rated only 4, had it been above 100 $ but this one is so awesomely priced that I can use it regularly.

  • 5
    26 August 2017

    Awesome!! Flavourful and mystic

  • 4
    12 August 2017

    Value for money

  • 5
    7 July 2017

    Best ever Indian Single Malt...Stands tall against biggies of the industry..Cheers

  • 5
    11 August 2016

    Surprised to see an Indian single malt at a package shop in Smyrna, next to a McCallan. It was a bit more, but I thought what the heck, I'll give it a try. I was surprised by its gorgeous taste-kind of smokey. Drop any thing else and buy this, if you find it, that is. They need to jazz up the packaging, but then the packaging is for the cows,its the whiskey that's interesting.

  • 4
    17 May 2016

    "Nose" (undiluted) Concentrated floral notes of mint, lavender, jasmine and loam. Brine too. Intriguing. "Palate" (undiluted) Powerful horse kick of cedar, cloves, cardamon, spiced dark treacle, coriander. Dark chocolate that has a heavy weighting of cocoa. Some big peat notes reminiscent of Islay are also present. "Finish" (undiluted) Long lingering flavors of polished mahogany, leather, mouth watering body, red and black licorice, slight anise, pungent cocoa, raisin, Moroccan dates. Rich black coffee. During the finish, your palate will tingle and the flavors spiced quality continues. Repeated sips are less vibrant, no doubt because the palate is dulled by the 50% abv.

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