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Black Friday Whisky 2022





2000 Bottles
Limited Edition

We like to celebrate Black Friday with an excellent dram and 2022's smoky selection is the first Islay in the series. A classic single malt from the Caol Ila distillery run through with peat smoke, briny sea breezes and a whole host of fruit, it's a whisky that made us smile and one we know you'll love too.


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Black Friday Whisky 2022
Black Friday Whisky 2022
Tasting Notes

From Billy Abbott (The Whisky Exchange)

  • Nose Smouldering green leaves and a side of smoke lead - mint and tarragon with a touch of maple-cured bacon. Sweet pastry pokes through the smoke, followed by apple and pear pies, roasted pineapple, singed oranges, chocolate lime sweets and a handful of wine gums. Tarry ropes and briny hints hide at the back.
  • Palate Coal dust and peat fires jump out of the glass, diving into sharp apple, more chocolate limes and liquorice. Meaty notes sit in the middle - sweet bacon and burnt edges. Green leaves, soft spice and the wine gums from the nose slowly develop, with the spice building alongside the fruit. There's a burst of crashing-wave ozone and iodine and then a descent into tar and chocolate.
  • Finish Green and briny at first with building cocoa, lime and sharp apple. Oatcakes and rye crackers build alongside anise and mint imperials.
  • Comment Dark and smoky with a brighter, fruitier and fun side - just how we see Black Friday.
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