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Hendrick's Orbium Gin Engraving

70cl / 43.4% £49.75 (£71.07 per litre, includes £10 for engraving)
  • Hendrick's Orbium Gin Presentation
  • The distillers who brought us Hendrick’s beloved cucumber and rose gin have hit on another great innovation: quininated gin. By infusing their spirit with quinine and wormwood, Hendrick’s have created an complex and intriguing drink that pays homage to what is often mixed with gin: tonic and vermouth. The quinine and wormwood flavours are rounded out by blue lotus blossom, which adds bright floral notes to the mix. Although it's delicious in tonic, you might also like to try Orbium with soda - which really lets the gin's flavour shine through - or in a classic cocktail such as a Martinez or Martini.

Hendrick's Orbium Gin

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  • Lemon Lemon
  • Rose Rose
  • Mint Mint
  • Black Pepper Black Pepper

Tasting Notes
by Caroline Roddis

  • Nose: The quinine is immediately evident: it smells like gin and tonic. It's a mellow nose, with clean, fruity and floral notes rounding out the aromas. After a time the classic Hendrick's profile reasserts itself, with the beloved cucumber notes coming to the fore, supported by hints of rose that are accentuated by the blue lotus blossom.
  • Palate: Initial green floral notes   think eating crushed rose petals   are followed by a sharp tang as the quinine and wormwood wash through. This woody bitterness, which carries hints of mint and pepper, lingers on the back of the tongue, while flavours of citrus, cucumber, juniper and rose petals also emerge.
  • Finish: Distinctively bitter, but pleasant.
Hendrick's Orbium Gin