Kanosuke Single Malt

Limited Edition 2023


70cl / 59%

The new wave of Japanese whisky has finally reached our shores, bringing with it fresh styles of single malt like the Kanosuke Limited Edition 2023. Made in Kagoshima city with peated barley, this is a bold dram reminiscent of banana bread, salted caramel, burnt orange and aged teas. This profile is achieved in part by combining single malts aged in different cask types including those previously used for shochu.


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  • CinnamonCinnamon
  • Orange Orange
  • Black teaBlack tea
  • CustardCustard
  • BananaBanana
  • Peat smokePeat smoke

Tradition Meets Innovation

Centuries before the first Japanese whiskies were drawn from their casks, the people of Japan drank shochu. This delicate, aromatic spirit was traditionally rested in clay pots rather than being matured in oak like whisky. But in the 20th century, storied shochu producer Komasa Jyozo introduced the now famous Mellowed Kozuru, aged in cask for three years. When the firm launched Kanosuke distillery in 2018, workers began filling various casks with new make spirit, including those used to make Mellowed Kozuru.

The Art of the Blend

Since the very beginning, Japanese whisky makers have focused on blending. To create their whiskies, the Kanosuke team combine different styles of single malt made using various combinations of their three pot stills. These are matured in different cask types, including Komasa Jyozo’s famous shochu casks. By combining whiskies shaped by these different influences, Kanosuke distillery is able to produce single malts with a complex and totally unique character.

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