Laphroaig has built its name on single malts with an unabashed medicinal smokiness. For some, this distinctive profile can be challenging at first, but for fans it provides the warming and smoky embrace that they long for in a whisky. The latter camp will be delighted to hear that the distillery has released another complex heavyweight malt, which ups that smoky hit of maritime peat.

Laphroaig Elements L1.0

70cl / 58.6%



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  • Liquorice rootLiquorice root
  • PineapplePineapple
  • BaconBacon
  • CloveClove
  • Peat smokePeat smoke
  • Iodine (tcp)Iodine (tcp)

Elements 1.0

This is the first instalment in a series that captures the creativity and innovation of Laphroaig. The distillery has been known to play with a multitude of cask types in its warehouses, but this particular release embraces experimentation in its still-room too. Elements L1.0 pushes the boundaries of mashing and fermentation, whilst giving a tip of the cupola-shaped-cap to styles old and new.


There are two key differences in the making of Elements L1.0. The first is its exclusive use of Islay malt and Islay peat, imparting an even greater maritime character to the single malt. Secondly, the distillery has resurrected an old style of mashing from the pre-1990s, by using cloudy wort – which allows for more of those heavy phenolic flavours to come through. This is used in equal parts with the modern, semi-cloudy wort allowing tropical fruit notes to emerge.

Fans of Laphroaig

It is heartening to see a distillery with such a distinguished provenance continue to experiment, and fans of Laphroaig should look forward to the next entry into this series. If you can’t wait till then, you can explore more bottlings below.