Malt of the Month: January 2021

We choose our Malt of the Month to highlight some of the greatest whiskies in the world. Some of them are age-old classics, some of them are great new releases, but whatever it is, you can be sure that it's something we love. This month we've chosen:

The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month – Elements of Islay Oc3
The Whisky Exchange Malt of the Month – Elements of Islay Oc3
Elements of Islay

Elements of Islay

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From the brand that makes the peatiest whiskies in the world, this is an extremely smoky cask-strength single malt with exceptionally balanced fruit flavours, and a very long finish. OC3 has been matured in various types of cask, including some ex-wine examples, for a minimum of seven years.


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    About the producer

    Elements of Islay Elements of Islay

    Launched in 2006, Elements of Islay is a range of flavourful whiskies from the world-famous island, each without an age or vintage, letting the whisky’s flavour speak for itself. Chosen from a wide range of cask types – from ex-bourbon to Sauternes, to Syrah wine casks – by independent bottler Elixir Distillers, the Elements of Islay bottlings are named after the distillery they come from and showcase the range of styles each distillery can produce.

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      5 January 2017

      Surprisingly smooth