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Since its founding in 1743, Moët & Chandon has passed down its unequalled savoir faire and pioneering spirit from generation to generation of winemakers. With not only one of the largest vineyard areas in Champagne, but also the most extensive cellars – extending underground for more than 28 kilometers – Moët & Chandon has earned its status as one of the worlds best-known Champagnes.

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial

75cl / 12.5%


The House’s signature cuvee, Moët Imperial is a classic Champagne with an effortlessly elegant character. It is a blend of wines from more than 200 crus, combining the full body of Pinot Noir with fresh Pinot Meunier and delicate Chardonnay to create its iconic style.

Moët & Chandon Rose Imperial

75cl / 12%


A bright and fruity Champagne with an elegant backbone, Moët Rosé Imperial is a vibrant expression of the House’s style. Wild strawberries, raspberries and dark cherries fill the palate, mingling with delicate rose petals and a subtle crack of black pepper, creating a refreshing, summery Champagne.

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