Royal Brackla, Aberfeldy and Craigellachie

United by Passion

Royal Brackla, Aberfeldy and Craigellachie are three great distilleries that produce three distinct single malts. They’re united by the same ownership, but more than that, they find common ground in their passion, quality and the pursuit of exquisite flavours.

Royal Brackla logo

The Highland classic

Brackla distillery was the first in Scotland to receive a royal warrant back in 1883, inspiring its owners to change the name to Royla Brackla. The distillery’s crowd-pleasing Highland style is rich, fruity and sweetly spiced thanks to the extensive use of high-quality sherry casks.

Aberfeldy logo

The heart of gold

Originally built to create malt whisky for Dewar’s blends, Aberfeldy has since emerged as an acclaimed producer of single malts. Also known as the ‘golden dram’ Aberfeldy shows a distinctly honeyed character that harmonises well with sherry and other wine casks.

Craigellachie logo

The fruity outsider

Craigellachie has a long history of distilling bold, idiosyncratic whiskies that are distinct among Speyside single malts. Characterised by notes of tropical fruit, especially pineapple, Craigellachie’s whiskies gain weight and texture through the use of the now rarely seen worm tub condenser.