Spirit of the Month: May 2015

We choose our Spirit of the Month to highlight some of the greatest spirits in the world. Some of them are age-old classics, some of them are great new releases, but whatever it is, you can be sure that it's something that we love. This month we've chosen:

Ogilvy Vodka - The Whisky Exchange Spirit of the Month
Ogilvy Vodka - The Whisky Exchange Spirit of the Month
Ogilvy Vodka

Ogilvy Vodka

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This month's SOTM is brand new, having only appeared on the market earlier this year. We discovered it on a trip to Scotland when we stopped in at the distillery to see what they were making, and were really impressed with the results.

It's a high-quality potato vodka with its own distinct character – creamy with hints of fruit and nuts, without losing the crisp and clean taste that defines a vodka. It's produced in tiny batches and takes weeks to make, but the effort is worth it. This is what we love to see from new craft distillers: excellent spirit, made with care and attention.

Tasting Notes

Glass of Ogilvy Vodka

By Oliver Chilton

  • Nose: Creamy porridge and freshly cut Navel orange. There are warm nutty notes balanced by a touch of lemongrass.
  • Palate: Wonderful toffee sweetness with Conference pears and a full, rich texture. Clean and soft with soft minerality.
  • Finish: Clean citrus notes linger with cracked black pepper.
  • Comment: While being a clean and fresh vodka, it also gives you a full, thick mouthfeel and delicate sweetness. Although it takes an incredibly long time to produce, it is worth the wait and may well be the best vodka I have had the pleasure of trying.

About Ogilvy Vodka

Mortlach Distillery Ogilvy's founders Graeme & Caroline Jarron


Ogilvy means 'high plain' in ancient Celtic, and the farm sits above the Strathmore valley near Glamis Castle on the east coast of Scotland. The Jarron family have farmed the land at Hatton of Ogilvy since 1910, embracing modern technology when available and moving from horse-drawn ploughs to solar power over the years.


Looking for a new challenge, Graeme Jarron investigated the potential of using Hatton of Ogilvy farm potatoes to make vodka. He worked with Abhi Banik from Heriot-Watt University and in summer 2014 their newly built distillery was ready. Using a custom-built still and an intricate, long and slow production process, the team produce a high-quality spirit that combines the family's farming know-how with the latest in distillation technology.