ST GERMAIN Elderflower Liqueur
St Germain – Elderflower Liqueur

St Germain is an award-winning elderflower liqueur and a mainstay of the world’s finest cocktail bars. Try it chilled on ice as an aperitif, add a splash to your gin and tonic, or make one of the wide range of cocktails that bartenders around the world have created in its honour.

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The St Germain Cocktail

Fill a tall glass with ice, add the Champagne, then the St Germain and then top up with the soda water. Stir carefully and garnish with a lemon twist.

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  • 5
    7 July 2020

    Fantastic liqueur - makes great cocktails

  • 5
    6 October 2018

    I had an elderflower lemonade on my Royal Caribbean cruise in August & enjoyed drinking St. Germain at least twice a day for the rest of the trip. Very light and refreshing.

  • 5
    15 March 2018

    My best mate bought me this as a gift and it is lush!

  • 5
    15 March 2018

    Perhaps my favorite liqueur? So nice, I drink it ice cold as it is

  • 5
    3 January 2018

    I bought this due to the flavour (elderflower which is a favourite of my mums) but also because it is such a lovely bottle to give as a gift. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    15 December 2017

    Wonderful, particularly with vodka and soda

  • 5
    26 April 2016

    This is super! A wonderful drink on its own, and also very good as a simple mix with sparkling white wine. I have it as per below; 50ml St Germain 100ml Sparkling White Wine

  • 5
    14 July 2014

    This a fantastic addition to any bar, both from an aesthetic stand point and as a great addition to summer cocktails. My favorite is very simple, equal measure Hendricks and St. Germain and a splash of apple juice. Shaken over ice.

  • 5
    23 June 2014

    fantastic liqueur - will order again. just be warned there are no preservatives in St Germain so it's best drunk within 6 months of opening.

  • Heavenly 14 October 2012

    Most beautifully elegant steam-punked 1920s bottle design crossed with a bit of Louis XVII decoration on closer inspection. Substitutes well for any lychee liquer. A little sweet for my taste, try it with equal part vodka, a tiny dash of angostura and fresh lime to taste. Soda rather than lemonade.

  • Anonymous 5 August 2012

    I first came across this Elderflower liqueur on board the Celebrity Silhouette where they use it in their "Blue Sea Breeze Cocktail" LOVELY 2 heindrick 1 blue curacao 1 St Germain elderflower 1/2 lemon 1/2 sugar syrup lots of ice well shaken. TRY!

  • Anne Duffy 24 March 2012

    Gin, sloe gin, St Germaine, pineapple, fresh lime, lemon and orange, perfection in a martini glass!!!!

  • Adam 25 June 2011

    Unleash the Simon Difford in you!Replace the sugar quotient of nearly any cocktail with St Germain and you've just created a new cocktail!This liqueur is sure to become a classic

  • Charlotte from About Taste 2 May 2011

    We used this cocktail for wedding receptions instead of straight Champagne - it is proving to be hugely popular. We add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to balance the flavours - Early summer in a glass. Well worth trying.

  • Jo and Nick 30 May 2010

    We have just tried this wonderful, sweet drink and highly recommend it for the summer.

  • Anonymous 18 April 2010

    We enjoyed this with Krug and fresh strawberries. Fantastic loved it

  • Cubitus 6 October 2009

    It's amazing to find this great product at this price. In France, liquor stores thinks it's a high class liquor so they think we can pay it 35 €/75cl just because it the bottle looks good and it's called "St Germain". About the taste, it's amazing. Very sweet, smooth, great with pear flavored grey goose and other cocktails.

  • Daniel 29 September 2009

    I tried this in a Cocktail from the famous Berlin Viktoria Bar called "Lichtung", combined with das Korn ( . ABSOLUTELY fantastic and these two main components blend wonderfully!

  • Pam Walker 16 March 2009

    This is a lovely, complex, wonderfully balanced and flavored liqueur without a hint of cloying sweetness. YUM! I drank it straight up.

  • Anonymous 30 November 2007

    this is to die for i love it

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