The Whisky Exchange Presents - The Wine Exchange

We’re not just masters of whisky, we’re also masters of wine

While whisky is our first love, we are passionate about pretty much everything the world of drinks has to offer, and we want to celebrate the incredible, award-winning selection of wines available at The Whisky Exchange. Curated by our buying director and Master of Wine Dawn Davies, the selection includes everything from Champagnes and sparkling to big-hitting still wines, fortified wines, and much more.

The Wine Exchange

This June, we’re hosting a wine festival: The Wine Exchange.

This June, we’re hosting a wine festival: The Wine Exchange. While whisky is our first love, we're passionate about all drinks and we want to celebrate our brilliant selection of wines.

The Whisky Exchange’s buying director and resident Master of Wine Dawn Davies has curated a series of events to delve deeper into our range, explore some of the most interesting topics in wine production and open up the wide world of wine to as many people as we can. On top of that, we'll also be opening a variety of our favourite wines throughout the month in our central London shops for you to discover and enjoy.

The Wine Exchange is about sustainable wines

The winemaking process can consume a lot of energy and produce a lot of waste, but many winemakers are working towards more sustainable farming and production methods. These producers are using methods that have a neutral or positive impact on the environment, without compromising on flavour and quality.

The Wine Exchange is about sparkling wines

There for all of life’s milestones, sparkling wine is often a sign of celebration. We’re a regular winner of Decanter’s Sparkling Wine Retailer of the Year award, and with a range of different styles – from elegant Champagne to playful Prosecco, English sparkling and more, we’ve got a sparkling wine for every occasion.

The Wine Exchange is about rare grape varieties

There are hundreds of grape varieties used to make wine all around the world, and some are more famous than others. From those only grown in specific regions to those grapes used to make wine’s more esoteric styles, we're shining the spotlight on the native and rare varieties that make some of the wilder wines out there.

The Wine Exchange is about fortified wines

Often overlooked or reserved for Christmas, fortified wines are some of the most exciting wines around. From cocktail-friendly vermouths to long-lived Madeiras, the many styles of sherry and surprisingly versatile port, our selection of fortified wines has something for everyone.