Nordic Whisky

What is Nordic Whisky?

The Nordic countries have always loved whisky, but until relatively recently their distilleries dealt mainly in vodka and aquavit. This began to change when the whisky boom of the 21st century inspired a new generation of producers in the region to fire up their pot stills and start filling casks. Rather than replicate the whiskies made in Scotland or the United States, these upstart distillers chose to explore new frontiers of flavour. Which leaves whisky lovers the world over with an important question: what is Nordic whisky actually like?

Nordic Whisky is About Big Flavours

Helsinki Whiskey

Rum Cask Rye Malt

Helsinki Whiskey Rum Cask Rye Malt

50cl / 47.5%


While Nordic whisky covers a diverse range of styles, producers tend to favour big drams with plenty of character. The Helsinki Distilling Company is the Finnish capital’s first distillery since prohibition was abolished there in 1933. This limited-edition release showcases its chewy, spicy rye-malt spirit matured in new American oak and Guyanese rum casks. Rich with notes of rye bread, brown sugar and pineapple jam, this is a great example of big Nordic flavours.

Nordic Whisky Is Hyper-Local

Stauning Smoke

Single Malt

Stauning Smoke Single Malt

70cl / 47%


Rich and chocolatey with hints of tobacco and sea salt, this Danish whisky is made with barley from the Jutland peninsula smoked with local peat and heather. While smoky whiskies are made all over the world, many use peat from Scotland. Here, the native peat imparts unusual notes of campfires and wildflowers. Since launching in 2005, Stauning distillery has been winning fans for its finely crafted whiskies and distinctly local flavours.

Nordic Whisky is Sustainable

Kyrö Rye Whisky

x Monbazillac Cask

Kyro Rye Whisky x Monbazillac Cask

50cl / 53%


This distillery in the picturesque town of Isokyrö in western Finland is powered entirely by sustainable biogas. As a result, the team there can produce their signature malted rye whiskies without negatively impacting the beautiful environment around them. This single cask, bottled exclusively for The Whisky Exchange, shows Kyrö’s rich and earthy spirit with added notes of dried fruit and spice achieved through finishing in a French sweet wine barrique.

Nordic Whisky is Experimental

Mackmyra Svensk Ek

Mackmyra Svensk Ek

70cl / 46.1%

Out Of Stock

A pioneer of the Swedish whisky scene, Mackmyra has been in business since 1999. Taking full advantage of the relatively loose regulations around whisky making in the region, the distillery has produced a number of experimental whiskies. This includes this intriguing dram aged in casks made from native Swedish oak, which carries notes of sandalwood, birch, vanilla cream and spiced pastries. A great example of why adventurous whisky lovers should be looking to the Nordic region.

The Future of Nordic Whisky

The number of producers across the Nordic region continues to grow, including new distilleries in Iceland and Norway. The sense of local character and commitment to craft makes this one of the most exciting distilling scenes of the 21st century and we are delighted to keep bringing you exceptional drams from the far north of the whisky world.