Windsor Canadian Whisky

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Windsor Canadian Whisky
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Windsor is a long running Canadian whisky brand often exported to the USA. Easy drinking, as demonstrated by its old Mountie laden advertising campaigns - The smooth Canadian.


Windsor Canadian Whisky Reviews

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  • 3
    15 December 2018

    This is a good Canadian for when you don't want to spend the bucks for Canadian Club or Crown Royal.

  • 4
    6 December 2018

    This is a great product for the money. Compares very favorably with the more expensive brands.

  • 4
    14 October 2018

    Very smooth mixes well with 7up

  • 2
    27 September 2018

    I love trying new whiskeys and tried this because it was the only available whiskey. I honestly think it’s sour and smells like a vodka more than a whiskey. Would not recommend

  • 5
    22 July 2018

    My favorite go to substitute for Seagrams 7. More mild in taste and much cheaper. Very smooth and mixes great with anything from lemon line drinks to Pepsi to fruit juices. My favorite is cranberry.

  • 3
    26 June 2018

    I usually like this whiskey! But the new bottle ,I just got , taste little sour. Bottled in Deerfield IL.

  • 5
    8 March 2018

    This is my favorite whiskey of them all. It's smooth and flavorful without a harsh bite. Perfect for sipping over ice. Try it, I think you'll like it.

  • 5
    2 March 2018

    Love Windsor Spiced! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  • 4
    2 January 2018

    Single Malt Scotch drinker but this is pretty good! Will try again for sure! Highly recommend.

  • 5
    14 December 2017

    Have been drinking Windsor for over 45 years and it is without a doubt the best blended whisky I have tasted. It is smooth and as an occasional brandy and cognac drinker it is as good if not better and less expensive

  • 5
    9 December 2017

    So sad that Windsor Spiced Whiskey is not available. Every time I serve it, lifetime customers are created. Several local stores could not order it but I was so happy to find Woodmans had it. Now they tell me they can't get it. Please..., on be half of many...PLEASE BRING WINDSOR SPICED WHISKEY BACK!

  • 5
    2 December 2017


  • 5
    20 July 2017

    It's the best Canadian whiskey for my money. As drinkable as the best, but less expensive. I highly recommend you try it.

  • 4
    4 February 2017

    Hmmm... Smooth, doesn't bite. Don't want to say it's economical or inexpensive. That would sound like it's cheap. Let's say it is reasonably priced. Glad I can get it in the States...

  • 4
    23 April 2016

    This is a smooth flavorful canadian whisky. A hidden gem in with a budget price.

  • 4
    6 March 2016

    It may not rack up with Crown Royal, but it's a very drinkable whiskey, even straight the way I like it. And when you consider that it's more economical than Canadian Mist ... very nice indeed!

  • 4
    26 November 2015

    Been drinking it for many years. Not a Jamesons, or a Crown Royal, but for the price, it holds its own in flavor and smoothness. In a short glass, I add two ice cubes to a shot and a half, give it a stir with my finger, of course, and it's ready to go. I smoke a pipe, and it goes very well with a good burley blend. Folks say it's a good whiskey for mixing, but I prefer it straight up.

  • 4
    19 April 2015

    I was skeptical because I had gotten it at a liquor store sale. It is very smoth and mixes well with a cola or water or straight. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and will purchase again.

  • Anonymous 27 November 2013

    I think it should be in a clear bottle so you can can the nice color of this fine whisky. It is by far one of the best all round go to everyday whiskys.

  • Robert Lund 14 November 2013

    I have been drinking Windsor for 30 plus years,smooth,finishes clean. No need for a mixer,been drinking Windsor and Water for all these years. don't ruin good whiskey mixing it up!

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