Canadian Club

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Canadian Club
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A giant of Canadian whisky, created in 1858 and spending six long years in oak before bottling for the smoothest possible flavour.


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  • 4
    28 January

    This is certainly an everyday sipper and an indispensible companion to cocktails. Silky smooth, balanced effortlessly between rye spice and sweeter notes.

  • 5
    13 January

    Wasn't expecting much from this gift bottle I received, but suffice to say I've a new favourite whisky to sip regularly or share with family/mates. Extremely easy to drink, fruity, and smooth. And inexpensive. I'd compare favourably to Famous Grouse or blended scotches, this has that touch of rye pepper to smooth along that fruity taste. I wouldn't be surprised to see this catch on here.

  • 2
    6 January

    Drinking it this very moment and wishing something else was in my glass. For the money, a bottle of Famous Grouse is a better bet. But, a gift bottle is a gift bottle.

  • 1
    13 December 2018

    It sucks pretty much. Tastes like rum. Please don't buy it at all. Really harsh.

  • 4
    2 December 2018

    Truly a whisky meant for drinking. It has just enough spice to be slightly bracing, and quite warming. Perfect for a winter night, but smooth and easy enough to drink whenever. I enjoy a hearty pour with a cigar once in a while. Spice, grass, and a little citrus make this one an affordable and delightful drinking whisky. I cannot recommend it enough in spite of its unfortunate rarity in Britain. Still, I have found it at some bars, and always enjoy it when I do.

  • 2
    28 November 2018

    Sweet, smooth. Pretty much one dimensional.

  • 2
    16 October 2018

    Overpowering fake maple syrup taste

  • 2
    18 September 2018

    Quite frankly I'm surprised at all the really good reviews. As a proud Canadian I need to tell all of you that most Canadians that I know consider Canadian Club to be good for mixed drinks but lousy on it's own. There are so many better Rye Whiskies that are made in Canada. This is what I call the stuff that we would only drink if that's all there is. And if that's all there is then it's a sad state of affairs. It's the Jack Daniels of bourbons. And even Jack is better!

  • 5
    29 August 2018

    Astoundingly smooth. I feel as though I could sip an entire bottle over a couple nights. How it isn't available more widely in Britain, I'll never understand!

  • 5
    31 July 2018

    Most of these five stars are bots, for sure, but as a young Canadian; this is the whisky I've chosen. My brother and I used to drink a lot of Wisers, which is another great whisky, but I've found my own path, and it's within the CClub.

  • 5
    2 May 2018

    Whisky or rum? This is a smooth whisky, sweet and good on the nose. However, it is very much like a rum without the warmth. It is very drink able but if you are after a whisky this may not be the one for you

  • 5
    22 April 2018

    The best whisky I ever drank. Really good.

  • 5
    20 April 2018

    I knew about it after watching madmen Don drapper drinks it so I tried I love it

  • 5
    16 April 2018

    To put it simply, Canadian Club is the only blended whiskey that I have found to be consistently palatable when consumed neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. Other blends may claim this distinction, but I find only C.C. really makes the grade.

  • 5
    11 April 2018

    Incredibly Smooth.

  • 5
    9 April 2018

    Smooth with a rich flavour great neat or mixed its a staple in my bar

  • 5
    18 March 2018

    Quite possibly the smoothest Whisky in the world

  • 5
    28 December 2017

    Nice and smooth, great service.

  • 5
    24 December 2017

    good product, excellent service

  • 5
    30 November 2017

    By far one of the best i've tried, great value for money. Also, it's quite simillar in flavour to Penderyn. Highly recommend.

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