David Nicholson 1843
7 Year Old

75cl / 50%
  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
David Nicholson 1843 / 7 Year Old
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Normally not seen outside the American Mid-West, this potent brew has been aged for 7 years before release and has a woody, smoky tone on the palate.
7 Year Old

David Nicholson 1843 Reviews

22 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    1 June 2016

    got out of the Navy in 1968 been drinking 1843 since it is just that good

  • 5
    31 July 2014

    I have been a voracious bourbon drinker for years, and I have to say that the 1843 for its price point is the best you will find..if you can find it. If you can, buy all you can get, because there isn't much left. Rating, 5+ Dr. KGG

  • N.Diekroeger, Jefferson City, MO, May 2014 20 May 2014

    I was introduced to 1843 over 40 years ago and never found anything better even for a lot more money. I first had it neat and in other ways and always enjoyed its smooth and slightly sweet taste. At one time I tried I it in 86 proof but found it lacking the character of the 100 proof. I recently went on the Bourbon Tour in Kentucky and was surprised that no one in the distilleries visited had ever heard of 1843.

  • Anonymous 22 April 2014

    Best bourbon I've ever drank. Too bad I can't get it in Decatur,Il.

  • Ash 31 October 2013

    Seriously yummy stuff, bought a bottle because of these reviews. Do not regret it one bit! =D

  • Bob Urquhart. [email protected] 22 April 2013

    I found 1843 in O,Fallon, Missouri. It is the Best soutmash I have ever Sampled. KI have passed it on to all of y friends.

  • Michael in Kasas 2 May 2012

    Got a bottle and left it at my father in laws. It's always down a few fingers when I come back for a visit. Superb bourbon for the money. I recommend you try some.

  • Anonymous 16 April 2012

    It's damn good. Best value around it has the quality of a premium whisky.

  • Mr.E 1 April 2012

    1843 is probably one of the best values for a "damn good" bourbon around. I don't know that you can find a better 100 proof for the money. If my typing is off, I've been "tasting" through the evening!

  • Gear Down!! 9 July 2011

    My GrandFather rised me on it some of the BEST Stuff around>!!

  • Michael C. 7 July 2011

    Wow, found some in Cape Giraudeau, MO and decided to give it a try as it was 3 bucks off. Wow, for the money, may be the best burbon I have every tasted....and I've tasted a lot.

  • Phil C 3-08-11 8 March 2011

    I have been drinking 1843 bourbon for years and I love it, it has a great taste and is smooth.

  • Huff 10 September 2010

    Greatest bourbon ever bottled. Taste so smooth and unique that once you've experienced it you become a member of the fortunate individuals that dare to taste grreatness. Billboards were in the past posted stating how many miles you were from 1843. Living now 600 miles from 1843 those billboards meant a lot to me.

  • Rich in St. Louis 13 March 2010

    I normally drink Wild Turkey or Elijah Craig neet but agree that this is a great hi-gravity(when the earth meets your face) spirit for the incomptable price of $22 in a 1.75 l jug. The first taste of this was not a sweet a Wild Turkey but hit me somewhere between Irish whiskey and really good Cognac.

  • David 17 June 2009

    I would state that this is a decent bourbon, considering its price. Main criticism is that the taste is rather understates/muted, however it has grown on me.

  • Pablo 15 May 2009

    Encountered 1843 while on a consulting gig for 3 mos. in New Orleans. Great stuff, smooth, powerful, with a clean bourbon taste.My client now sends me a half case every Christmas...great perk!

  • Lee 4 May 2009

    I live in St. Louis, the original home of David Nicholson 1843, and this has been my favorite bourbon for many years. It is wonderful neat, or in a Manhattan.

  • the mansons 21 February 2009

    this is has been a favorite whiskey of the family and has been loved for generations and is still making us have a good time one after another

  • Andy E 25 January 2009

    A fine whiskey. I am moving my way through the American Whiskeys and this one currently rates at the top of my list. Smooth and sweet, yet posessing a vulgar kick. 9/10!

  • mike g 26 December 2008

    this whiskey is amazing. taste soo good.

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