Lamb's Spiced Rum

70cl / 37.5%
Lamb's Spiced Rum
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A spiced rum from Lamb's, a company more famous for their dark navy rum.
Caribbean Blend

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    21 September 2014

    This now has a discontinued status, so the green top is no longer available. They have changed it to the red top, which isn't as strong, as isn't actually classed as a rum. Not many people seem to like that either, not getting much of a review. I found a bottle in a local corner shop, and bought it immediately knowing how much trouble there is getting hold of it. Search high and low people, you never know when one might make an appearance.

  • Rachel 25 February 2014

    I've just managed to find this original Lambs Spiced rum instead of the new red labelled and recipe changed version. Got the red label for my 21st and was very dissappointed, no where near as good as this original. I've just managed to buy myself a bottle of this after much searching! Still dont understand why they would change something so good and make it so bad.

  • Lois 4 November 2013

    Why on earth has Lamb's Spiced been changed? The original was so lovely, then it became very hard to find and Tesco stopped selling it. Now they are stocking it again after a long gap but the taste has been changed to a sickly caramel flavour, not pleasant. I always look for the original in case there's one hidden somewhere, but this new Lamb's Spiced I won't be buying again. I'll revert to Captain Morgain Spiced which is the next best for me. Very sad indeed.

  • Lee Bagnall 24 September 2013

    Beware! There's a new bottling with a different label and a red gold cap. Saw one earlier and had to try it. Strength's down to 30% and it tastes sweeter, less cinnamony. Closer now to Vernon's Old J than old Sailor Jerry's. Don't know why they changed it.

  • Neil G 5 June 2013

    I am glad I came across this at a friends house as I never knew it existed before. It is now one of my top spiced rums. A*

  • connor 4 January 2013

    i do not have much experience with good alcohol but this is one of the best i have ever had, certainly where rum is concerned thank you to the earlier reviewers for the tip in buying this, and if you are on the fence about this this it is worth your while.

  • Anonymous 25 November 2012

    Old Sailor Jerry replacement for sure! Love it, love it, love it!

  • Anonymous 12 September 2012

    Hands down my favourite rum so far. Any others to consider?

  • Anonymous 2 July 2012

    Hard to find but, believe me, it's worth it when you do. Tried it in Wetherspons and WOW! Nearly as good as old Sailor Jerrys - more cinamonny and less vanilla but it goes down smoothly. Neat or with Pepsi (coke is too metallic) and a slice of lime. Wonderful stuff.

  • Wan 2000 19 February 2012

    After an extensive search for a substitute to the old recipe Sailor Jerry, this is now my number one spiced rum. You can tell it's gonna be good when just sniffing the contents makes you go "Mmmmmm"! Smooth and vanilla-y with that hint of cinnamon as mentioned by other reviewers. I always have with coke and (if I remember to buy some) a slice of lime run around the lip of the glass then plonked in the mixture! Almost, so very *almost* as nice as original SJ....

  • steve-o 8 December 2011

    LOVE this rum but like everyone else said its like gold dust you'd think with wetherspoons stocking it in over 800 pubs that it'd have taken off a little better but apparently not... ahwell its all good i work in a spoons so im never far away :)

  • Anonymous 30 November 2011

    absolutely brilliant smooth, not too spicy drink. well done lambs. keep it coming

  • Bill Anderson 4 October 2011

    I found this in Weatherspoons Inverness and really aquired a taste for it so much nicer than Morgan's spiced now having discovered that the Whisky Exchange sell it online I will be a regular buyer so that I can enjoy it at home.

  • Anonymous 20 May 2011

    My Favourite !!!

  • K Armstrong 8 December 2010

    Fantastic drink enjoyed Sailor Jerry but know hooked on Spiced Rum Lambs! Problem getting hold of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Woodhouse 30 November 2010

    I found this delightful rum in Aberdeen. However living in Newcastle in is quite a trek to get another bottle.Why cant I get a bottle nearer home. Come on Lambs get your fingers out.

  • Karen Stoker-Buckell 13 November 2010

    As an ardent Rum drinker I was given a bottle ogf LSR for my birthday . Fantastic - best taste ever . sadly I cant find it in the shops now ..

  • Anonymous 17 September 2010

    Absolutely fantastic rum! Thank you Lamb's for picking up on Sailor Jerry's biggest blunder! As a former SJ fan, Lamb's Spiced is now my rum of choice!

  • Sue Dixon 25 August 2010

    I wad introduced to it by a ver good friend loved the smoothness and taste of cinnamon only trouble is finding it can't find it in supermarkets.

  • Dave 21 August 2010

    This is a pretty decent alternative to Morgans Spice and (the for better or worse reformulated) Sailor Jerry. The hint of cinnamon is certainly very apparent. Well worth a try.

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