Jim Beam's Choice
Green Label 5 Year Old

75cl / 40%
  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Jim Beam's Choice / Green Label / 5 Year Old
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Aged for five years and charcoal filtered for smoothness and a delicious smoky aftertaste - this is a very popular but difficult-to-find Beam, great for bourbon cocktails.
5 Year Old

Jim Beam's Choice Reviews

15 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    13 December 2017

    Preferred over regular, extremely hard to find and hope they'll bring back to market.

  • 4
    20 April 2016

    This is a bourbon worthy of drinking on the rocks, skip the coke.

  • Anonymous 10 April 2014

    Very good,on rocks or mixed.better than jack green label!

  • Neil Palmer 26/12/13 26 December 2013

    Very nice drink, but i must disagree with the coke adders. If you've got to add a mixer then don't waste your money just buy a cheap bourbon.Try it with just ice to bring out the flavours.

  • Anonymous 15 October 2011

    @stewie ramone Of course whiskies will age in the bottle, taste old blends, they all have this smoothness pretty hard to describe. Whisky change in the bottle. Just google "old bottle effect".

  • stewie ramone 17 February 2010

    to the above post. whiskey will not age in the bottle. once its in the bottle thats is. the whiskey only takes on extra flavour from the casks it has been kept in.

  • T.C. 6 February 2010

    I also have a bottle of JB green that is 25-30 years old, I doubt if it is worth more than the enjoyment of drinking it.

  • Anonymous 30 January 2010

    I have an unopened 1.75L Jim Beam Green Label. This bottle is 35 yrs old and has never been opened. What is it worth, and will the age enhance the taste?

  • Richard Murfin 25 January 2010

    I like white a lot, black is great , both pose a relative dichotomy of taste, although there are some underlying similarities, such as wood and vanilla. This special bourbon bridges the gap, not as sweet as white and not as dark and smokey as the black. Its a superb bourbon. Someone mentioned it being a great mixer , dont bother, if you have to mix go for white, this stuff is great neat.

  • Matt 1 October 2009

    I have seen this in two off licences lately, perhaps it is coming back?

  • glypo 31 July 2009

    This is the best whiskey ever for mixing with coke. It is truly outstanding. Smoother than White Label, yet not as strong as Black Label. If you are a whiskey and coke fan, this is a must try, (Who wastes their Black Label with coke though?!?)Whiskey Exchange need to get it in stock ASAP. I miss it dearly.

  • Anonymous 6 May 2009

    had this for the first time a few nights ago, favorite whiskey so far, mmmmmm

  • jerry saravo 22 February 2009

    we like the green label

  • Anonymous 24 May 2008

    we have not found this in months

  • [email protected],com 4 May 2008

    i do like this product . we have not found this in arizona .