Old Monk 12 Year Old Rum

100cl / 42.8%
Old Monk 12 Year Old Rum
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A twelve year-old version of this cult dark rum. A brand introduced in 1954, the company famously do not advertise and rely on word of mouth and existing customers for sales.
12 Year Old

Old Monk 12 Year Old Rum Reviews

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    25 February 2015

    Well I love it. I first tasted OLD Mon wal\k in 1989 when I went to India. I loved it. If fact when I had to stay for a six month stretch in Delhi Old Monk was a regular companion. Not always the 12 year old one (which is heavenly) but I think among darm rums OLD Monk can rank along the very best.

  • Anonymous 8 May 2014

    Old Monk is the real monk among the Rums, especially dark rums. Rest follows it in taste, brand and satisfaction.

  • JET 2 February 2014

    Old monk Rum was a gift for me on two occasions, this rum is the best I have ever tasted. So pleased The Whiskey exchange are selling it.

  • Stewart 15 November 2013

    I was given this as a gift when I was on a work visit to Mumbai. I think it is fantastic, hence why I am looking for a place to buy it in the UK

  • Lakshya 25 September 2012

    This stuff is sexy!!!

  • Anonymous 15 August 2011

    Blooming luvverly!!!!

  • I love this rum but its bloody hard to get hold of in UK! 6 June 2011

  • Anonymous 4 December 2010

    Love this stuff... Found it in India whilst on holiday with my Indian mates... Drink it in Qatar where I work, and would like to drink it when I go home to Uk.Regards

  • Anonymous 2 December 2010

    I love this rum too. there is also a 7 year old available in the Uk now.

  • shelley luton 14 October 2010

    my husband loves this rum it reminded him of when he worked in India, we recently go married and went to India for out honeymoon but could not get the rum , its his birthday in 3 days and i was so pleased to find the rum in the UK, he will be so pleased to get this for his birthday. fantastic !!!

  • skoerper 27 August 2010

    yeah! the long sold-out 12y version is back (from India!). nice stuff, but not sooo far away from the 7y old. sip it or mix it!