Wild Turkey Rye

70cl / 50.5%
  • Small Batch Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
Wild Turkey Rye
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From the ever-dependable Wild Turkey operation comes one of the best straight rye whiskies around. Surprisingly smooth despite the high alcohol content.

Wild Turkey Rye Reviews

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  • Charles 24 January 2012

    This my friends is the most wonderful American Whiskey around. It has a kick like a mule. It's an amazing drink. Puts most other Rye Bourbons to shame . This one is alive Its got taste and character in abundance. Simpply "The Best". I'd like to try the Russell's reserve Rye but that will have to wait.

  • F.B.N 31 December 2011

    Pound for Pound, the greatest to be found. Massive liquorice, apricot. Of course, the grains are as usual well controlled. And there is even a slight Turkish Delight kick. Im in love. The third best Whisky i have ever tasted, behind Wild Turkey American Spirit, and Wild Turkey Tribute, and at a bare fraction of the cost. Go get!

  • Luke 10 December 2011

    Amazing to smell. Amazing to taste. Just like all Wild Turkey products. This will certainly keep your insides nice and warm over the winter.

  • Jason's Scotch Whisky Reviews 8 September 2010

    A rip roarin' entry of sweet corn and warm caramel, reminiscent of the hardened top surface of cr?me br?l?e explodes across the palate. Mid-palate is where the spiciness of the rye says ?Hello!? Besides the rye is that hickory wood smoke that is present, but not over-powering. Mid-palate transitions to dark French toast drizzled with maple syrup, some old-fashioned molasses, charcoal, oak and of course, lots of vanilla.

  • Cubitus 18 October 2009

    The first sip is strong and powerful, the others sips are smooth as hell, you'd never know it's 50.5%, same thing for all the other Wild Turkey brands by the way. A great choice neat (I prefer without rocks and without additional water), or in a manhattan (this cocktails was originally made with Rye Whiskey, but since bourbon was easier to find everybody makes it with bourbon now, which is a mistake).

  • Anonymous 26 August 2009

    A smooth whiskey that packs punch if not taken seriously as my good friend found out as my generous pouring led to him passing out on a sun lounger for the night!!

  • knoxvegas 18 June 2008

    gorgeous nose, honey and wood with a slightly oily mouth feel and huge peppery sweet rye taste in mouth . spicy long finish with fruity notes