Germana Cachaca
(2 Year Old)

70cl / 40%
Germana Cachaca (2 Year Old)
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Aged for around two years in oak after distillation, this is a delicious cachaça. The bottle is wrapped in dried banana leaves to keep out light.
2 Year Old

Germana Cachaca
(2 Year Old) Reviews

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  • Luke 27 June 2013

    I couldn't agree with the last comment at ALL!!! This stuff makes the best caipirinhas in the history of the world. Sure, they don't taste like the classic caipirinha but that's not necessarily a bad thing!! The Germana adds a bit more sweetness and complexity than most other cachacas. AMAZING stuff!! Now I need to try the next one up - 10 year one!!

  • Cubitus 6 October 2009

    If you're used to Leblon Cachaça, this is really different. It's heavier, and less smooth. Don't get me wrong, it's good, you can feel it's aged, but it's better neat on rocks, for a Caipirinha nothing beats Leblon, too bad thewhiskyexchange doesn't have any.