Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey

100cl / 40%
  • Irish Blended Whiskey
Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey / Litre
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A litre bottle of Power's Gold Label, one of the biggest selling and oldest whisky brands in Ireland.


Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey Reviews

18 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    10 October 2018

    I like my whiskeys neat, and this one will not disappoint. Honey smooth and full bodied. Wonderful texture. A pleasure on the palate! I used to be a Jameson drinker but recently decided to give Powers a try; I will not be going back to Jameson (which, although decent for the money, pales in comparison to Powers).

  • 4
    10 September 2018

    A nice surprise for the $. Interesting, reasonably complex. Rum notes on the nose. Well worth a try.

  • 5
    1 September 2018

    Deliciously smooth Irish Whiskey

  • 5
    25 July 2018

    I must warn you that this is nasty stuff!! As a Public Service, I will undertake to dispose of any you may have bought if you send it to me!!

  • 5
    22 September 2017

    Absolutely love it. It's my 'go to' whiskey

  • 4
    8 December 2016

    Will not disappoint, especially if you are like me and bought some low end single malts to just gauge the field. I tried three cheaper single malt scotches and this irish whiskey beat them by a mile. I might add that if you enjoy irish whiskeys. You will buy another of this

  • 5
    16 November 2016

    Really nice ... I'd be more a scotch single malt drinker but I really enjoyed this one

  • 5
    11 December 2015

    incredibly smooth and full bodied

  • 4
    6 July 2015

    I am a chef American irish born I am all about flavor and demand balance right on with irish whiskey triple distilled. after dinner straight up on ice splash of water please do not alter the experience with soda. compliement it with a good cigar and you have a joyfoul flavor filled experience. you get what you pay for .

  • 5
    3 May 2015

    Really smooth. Nice tastes too.

  • 5
    30 April 2015

    I am an Irishman living in Scotland. I have a good selection of Irish and Scottish whiskies. One of our neighbours who is Scottish thinks, like me that Powers is one of the best he has ever tasted. Problem is I cant seem to find it here and have to depend on someone bringing it from Ireland or getting it myself when home on holiday.

  • 4
    25 March 2015

    I''ve been trying a lot of budget and mid-priced scotches and Irish whiskeys this year and Powers Gold Label is the winner for me. It has some heat but there''s a real nice smokey, honey flavor with the traditional caramel, toffee and barley notes in there. It''s a little sweet but not overdone like Monkey Shoulder. Add an ice cube or a little water to unlock the flavors, let is sit for a few minutes while giving it an occasional swirl to smooth out the cheaper blends and you have a great daily sipper. Jameson has the same bite but I don''t like the heavy oatmeal taste. It also won''t wreck you or taste off like Teachers or Famous Grouse. Blackbush is another nice choice but tends to be more pricey where I am.

  • 5
    23 June 2014

    A wonderful drop of Irish !!!! The drink of my forefathers.

  • Bryan from New York 2 April 2014

    I absolutely love Powers,it has a distinct caramel toffee flavor and smooth finish. Jameson Reserve Black Barrel is my favorite Irish whiskey but Powers comes pretty close.

  • Glen Huff, Seattle, WA 4 March 2013

    Powers Gold Label is a wondrous whiskey, and I heartily recommend it highly. It is a blend, but has a high proportion of Pot Still whiskey in it - absolutely marvelous whiskey. If you like this try the Powers 12 year old, or the Powers John's Lane Single Pot still. The Powers John's Lane is the best whiskey I've ever had. Any of the Powers whiskies are lovely -

  • Anonymous 10 February 2012

    love it as a hot one,or just a nice little capful.and sip it.warms the cockles..

  • Exile from the Kingdom 12 December 2011

    I am Irish living in Scotland. I have a scottish neighbour who rates Power's very highly and loves when I bring some back from Ireland. Have not been able to find it in the shops here or at the airports, all's the pity.

  • WhiskeyfanDenmark 28 September 2011

    I went to Ireland this summer where I tried it for the first time! A lovely whiskey quite similar to Jameson with a nice pot still character. If your a fan of Irish whiskey...try it!