Seagram's VO

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  • Canadian Blended Whisky
Seagram's VO
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The revived version of the famous blend from the now-deceased Seagram's conglomerate. The 'VO' apparently stands for 'Very Own' as the blend was initially conceived for the private use of the Seagram family.

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  • 5
    5 February

    The best blended Whisky that has ever passed my lips. Very smooth. Have it over ice or with water and a wedge of lime.

  • 5
    20 July 2015

    I am in my mid-60''s and have been a life-long drinker of Canadian whiskies. I have taken every opportunity to taste the finest 12 and 18 year old aged blended Canadians available. Does that qualify me as a whiskey snob? Maybe. After years of searching, I''ve come home to VO. Its flavor is light and smooth, with just enough bite to remind you of its heritage. Just for the record, I first tasted VO in the early 1970''s. The whiskey they''re producing today is similar enough to taste like a homecoming. We each have our own palate, but after decades of denial, VO is my unabashed favorite!

  • 2
    27 December 2014

    I will admit that I''m not a whisky snob, though I know a good taste from a bad one. The smell is quite pleasant, though it covers for the taste. Perhaps my unopened and new bottle had been contaminated in the factory, but I get little of the whisky essence. Instead, I get a burnt, bitter taste that reminds me why it was so cheap. You can mix it, but this updated version is hardly for sipping.

  • Anonymous 5 April 2013

    This is old fashioned, no nonsense and slightly under the radar stuff. It's not going to garner a lot of hype, but imho it will provide a consistent and comforting experience, preferably sipped slowly and ponderously after a good dinner in front of a fire.