Hapsburg Super Deluxe Absinthe
Red Label

50cl / 85%
Hapsburg Super Deluxe Absinthe / Red Label
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A superstrength version of Hapsburg's absinthe, with predominantly aniseed flavours on the palate.

Please note this is a high-strength product and we recommend not drinking neat – please enjoy diluted or with a mixer of your choice.

Hapsburg Super Deluxe Absinthe Reviews

17 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    20 August 2015

    Juz sweet.... Neva try straight.... Traditional way(ice water over suger cube) is perfect to start/end a perfect day

  • Anonymous 23 September 2011

    Set my hair on fire after a few of these and trying to make another one... didn't notice. Must be consumed slowly, even for regular absinthe uses like me

  • ccjames 14 May 2011

    Just... wow. Almost set my hair alight when trying this drunk.. mowell.

  • Anonymous 23 January 2011

    I remember this... Extremely messy night;)

  • Blower 12 November 2010

    I LUV IT

  • Someone from Ipswich 20 September 2010

    Try it with water and sugar

  • diggervon 15 November 2009

    My favorite. We'd start our morning adventures at Kings X with a cap full and would be sparkly by the time we hit the street. I always bring six bottles home with me. It's good and strong, not soft like the French absinthes. Two or three stout glasses of Red Label and you know you're going to be naughty. Louche it, do not drink straight. No need to be afraid, just careful. Like sex, y'know.

  • Mimi 8 October 2009

    Can't wait to try it!

  • bennyboy 3 October 2009

    if someone downed this i bet they would die.

  • Anonymous 8 July 2009

    absinthe.....aaaa so many good memories gone, all gone

  • Anonymous 22 June 2009

    one word to sum this drink up hhmmm LETHAL =D

  • Anonymous 13 March 2009

    the best stuff since sliced bread mate

  • Ricardo 16 December 2008

    Mixed with Tango........Red bull....UrghJust do it the traditional way shot of the stuff with ice water poured over a sugar cube

  • househermit05 11 October 2008

    great when mixied with tango

  • Anonymous 22 September 2008


  • Reine from Sweden 26 June 2008

    mix it with red bull for an interesting twist

  • Anonymous 14 January 2008

    too high alcohol percentage to be enjoyable!