Jaan Paan Liqueur

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Jaan Paan Liqueur
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An award winning Canadian Sweet Paan Liqueur. Sweet Paan is traditionally made as a Betel Leaf wrap with coconut, fruit preserves and gulkand (a sweet preserve of rose petals). Jaan Paan Liqueur is made by blending grain spirit with maple syrup and a range of exotic herbs and spices, creating a fusion of eastern and western flavours. Jaan started entering spirits competitions in 2010 and has already won a number of medals including a Gold Medal in the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and a Platinum Medal in the 2011 San Diego Spirits International Prestige Awards.
Sweet Paan

Jaan Paan Liqueur Reviews

18 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    18 December 2015

    all I can say is....WOW! this stuff is incredible, waiting for you guys to restock

  • Anonymous 25 December 2013

    I love it!

  • christine chang 8 October 2013

    Fantastic taste. I've never tasted anything like it.

  • Anonymous 29 April 2013

    OMG!!! This is fantastic!

  • Anonymous 17 September 2012


  • Anonymous 17 August 2012

    Very interesting flavor. Long finish, but surprisingly good.

  • Anonymous 25 July 2012

    It's simply devine.

  • Josh 9 July 2012

    As a mixologist, this is a true gem. The possibilities of creating drinks that are new and different just got a whole lot easier - and tastier!!

  • Anonymous 20 June 2012

    The taste and smell instantly takes me back to memories in India. Just wonderful.

  • Sammy 10 June 2012

    Yo dude, this liqueur totally rocks!!!

  • John B. 22 May 2012

    Floral and spice. Very nice. The most original and unique liqueur I've ever tasted.

  • Anonymous 6 May 2012

    One of those moments when you realize not trying it would be like missing a once-in-a-lifetime experience

  • Anonymous 4 May 2012

    Bartending over 20 years, and have NEVER been so pleased with a new product. So flavorful and versatile. Definitely recommended

  • AD 4 May 2012

    It is a unique product from the last place in this world you would expect - Canada, eh! Brilliant creation with a huge growth potential.

  • Ajit Singh 2 May 2012

    My friend of mine visiting Calgary, Canada on a business trip brought back a bottle of Jaan. I must say, I was duly impressed – it exceeded all my expectations.

  • Ann Flower 2 May 2012

    I have never tasted anything like this. Wow, this is simply brilliant.

  • Pedro Sanchez 2 May 2012

    This is truley AMAZING!!! Bloody good job.

  • Anonymous 1 May 2012

    Excellent. Nothing in the world like it!