Rochelt Wilder Vogelbeere
(Rowanberry) 2003 Half Bottle

35cl / 52%
A half bottle of 2003 vintage rowanberry brandy from boutique Austrian producers Rochelt. Produced using wild rowanberries, inedible when picked fresh, but which allegedly have a medicinal effect on the stomach when distilled. This is aged for over 7 years - strong in flavour with a sweet finish.

Rochelt Wilder Vogelbeere
(Rowanberry) 2003 Half Bottle Reviews

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    Wonderful nose with typical fruit flavors. Full-bodied, aromatic and concentrated. Soft and mild while strong and intense. Well-balanced finish!

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    4 March 2015

    I was fortune to be given a sample of Rochelt''s brandies about two years ago by a chef friend who is originally from Germany. They are incredible products and it is a shame that there is no market for Eau de Vie here in North America!