Magellan Gin 100cl

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Magellan Gin 100cl
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Magellan gin is made in France by Cognac Ferrand (who also produce Citadelle vodka & gin) at their Angeac distillery, using Charentais coppper potstills. The gin's natural blue colour comes from orris (iris) root & flowers, one of the 11 botanicals used in Magellan. Other botanicals include clove, cardamom, coriander and liquorice.

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  • John Jeffrey 25 March 2011

    Magellan Blue Gin,(the blue colour of the liquid is from Iris flower) is hand made in 'Charantais' Cognac Copper Pot stills at the Angeac Distillery by Cognac Ferrand in France. Clove is one of the more unusual ingredients in the 11 botanical mix inspired by Ferdinand de Magellan's ill fated voyage with 18 ships to the Spice Islands in 1519. He died in battle and the last remaining ship returned with barrels of cloves. Buy it make a blue Gin