Jameson Crested Ten

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  • Blended Irish Whiskey
Jameson Crested Ten
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Older aged Jameson with a high measure of pure potstill in the mix, a fair proportion of which has been sherry-casked to add a spicy sweetness to the party. A little-known minor classic of the genre.

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  • 5
    6 days ago

    As my exploration into other Jameson's continues, this one lingers oh so very nicely. I'm no Whisky/ey connosiuer but I love how smooth this is. It's great to sip but a truly wonderful to get a right mouthful and take it slowly. My mouth is initially burdened with a smooth start, then a great warming fire swells with spices. A great finish too leaving me waiting for my next gulp!

  • 5
    19 November 2015

    I am impressed, this is a masterfully crafted irish blend. Don't be confused with the screw top, there are much older whiskies involved here than in regular Jameson. Perfect marriage of pot still whiskeys, quality grain whiskeys and sherry casks. In a sense better than 12 yo and Small batch. This is a classic Jameson and I think echoes from 60's and 70's can be heard. There is small but distinct difference between Crested Ten and modern day Jameson whiskeys. Fantastic. I must say that Jameson is the only brand in the whisk(e)y world that has never disappointed me.

  • 5
    5 September 2015

    My son just returned from Ireland and gifted me with a bottle of Crested Ten. The smoothness of this whisky is outstanding. I regularly drink Jamesons but the Crested Ten is so much more refined and smoother.

  • 5
    17 July 2015

    It’s my whiskey of choice when I come to Ireland. Shame I can’t get it in the States.

  • 5
    13 March 2015

    Smooth as silk, Drink it slow and taste it all the way down, you may never get another drink as good as this.

  • 4
    16 February 2015

    One of the smoothest. Very nice on the back of the throat with little to no burn sip after sip. Please export this to North America.

  • 4
    15 February 2015

    Extremely good whiskey

  • 5
    9 February 2015

    Absolutely fantastic, brought back this on our way back from the old sod, wish I'd brought back 6 more bottles was there in July was great.

  • 5
    28 December 2014

    Our sons girlfriend brought a bottle of this back for us after her trip to Ireland. By far the smoothest any of us have ever had!

  • 5
    22 June 2014

    Bought this for my father as a change from Jamesons and he absolutely loved it!

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