Wild Turkey Rye

70cl / 40.5%
  • Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
Wild Turkey Rye
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From the ever-dependable Wild Turkey operation comes one of the best straight rye whiskies around. Now at a new strength of 40.5%.


Wild Turkey Rye Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Tasting Notes by Stuart P

    Nose: Big, big spicy aromas of caraway seed and plus a breezy freshness.

    Palate: Warm and mouthfilling, with a lovely dry, characterful spiciness, with some black pepper and notes of caraway seed, rye and fennel seed, plus some faint toffee sweetness.

    Finish: Spicy and peppery.

    Comment: Classic rye whiskey, this would work really well in cocktails.

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  • 4
    25 October 2018

    Update - I have since tried the Hudson Manhattan Rye (very disappointing, especially at the price) and Bulleit Bourbon (@28% rye and a more mellow pepper finish than the Wild Turkey): 1st Bulleit, 2nd Wild Turkey and (a very distant) 3rd Hudson Manhattan. Best Whisky Mac so far? For a shot, 1/2 oz Lidl single malt (blue), 1/2 oz Bulleit bourbon, 1/4 oz Rochester ginger. (Using Teachers / Wild Turkey Rye / Rochester in the same proportions is a pretty good alternative - less mellow, more fiery.)

  • 3
    4 October 2018

    My first try of rye, prompted by a love of a whisky mac followed by a red rye beer. So this Wild Turkey rye was in effect competing with a Teachers/Rochester ginger wine 50:25. Did the same 50:25 whisky/ginger here: liked the nose with the rye better, but found the finish a little too peppery compared to the creamy finish you get with the Teachers. 3/5 for a whisky mac probably isn't that bad really!

  • 4
    19 September 2018

    Perhaps a little less smooth than expected, having had various Wild Turkey products over the years, but nevertheless a most enjoyable Rye. I'm having a sip now and reckon it benefits from a little dilution, as compared to neat.

  • 3
    14 July 2018

    My first go on a Rye, glad I tried it but I don't think Rye is to my taste. I have had a few other WT variations and this is my least favourite, due to me not liking Rye rather than this not being great.

  • 4
    25 May 2018

    Obviously this is nothing like an Islay malt but people who like Islay will go for this. Caraway gives it that oily tang...I really like it