Cherry Marnier Liqueur

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Cherry Marnier Liqueur
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The cherry liqueur from the folks that brought you Grand Marnier and one of the first liqueurs that came out of their family distillery, founded in 1827.


Cherry Marnier Liqueur Reviews

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  • 5
    11 December 2018

    very light, graceful chery liqueur; not cloying. Cannot understand why it is not co-marketed in USA along with orange Marnier.

  • 5
    29 June 2017

    It's the best but almost impossible to purchase in the USA

  • Anonymous 13 February 2014

    I would be so happy if I could get this in the states. I have a bottle that was given to me from the Virgin Islands. Am being very stingy with it, when it is gone, it is gone. Am going to try and order some on line. I love it!

  • Anonymous 5 January 2013

    After reading the above reviews I purchased a bottle for Christmas. It is beaut! Really nice on its own and gorgeous in hot chocolate!!! If you like Black Forest gatuex you will love this!

  • Steve Adams>>>Calif., USA 6 February 2011

    WOW>>>>>KILLER SERVICE !!!!!!......... I will be a repeat customer-----THAT I PROMISE !!!

  • Anonymous 7 January 2011

    You can have it sent to your home from the Whisky exchange, I bought my hubby 2 bottles for Christmas, just remember, the prices are in pounds, the Cherry Marnier, is not that expencive , the shipping was a killer, that's why I bought two, it ran me $89.0, but he was a real happy camper when he say thoses bottles.CAH

  • Cgm. Houston,tx 20 May 2010

    Omg can't find it anywhere in the US for my Dad!!!! Help someone!

  • Terri Carder 30 January 2010

    I've had two bottles brought to me from France over the past 5 years and have to use it sparingly since the US is too stupid to import it anymore. I make a Chocolate Cherry Kiss that is an awesome winter treat: hot cocoa, cherry marnier, topped with whipped cream and a marascino cherry. EXQUISITE!

  • Julianna 22 January 2010

    Delicious... It's not available in the US, but if you go on their website you can find out countries where it is available in stores.

  • Howard USA 2 December 2009

    is it available in the United StatesTried it 10 to 15 years ago. Loved it

  • Jan England 11 February 2009

    Had a bottle given to me for Christmas and it is absolutely delicious.

  • Mark - USA 1 December 2008

    I first had Cherry Marnier on a Swedish freighter on a trip to Europe in 1969. I found it once in the USA several years later, but not recently. My cousin brought back two bottles from a recent trip to Europe, at my request. I'm afraid to open it fearing it won't live up to my memories! I wish they would again export it to the USA.

  • Stephen R Korup USA 1 October 2008

    I have tasted this product and it can not be com pared to any other Liqueur. It has a Taste all of it's own. I recently tried and Failed to have it Sold in the United States again but could not get approval from Grand Marnier France , But I have introduced it to about 50 friends now and it was a Big Hit and Now they all Want a Bottle. Hopefully We can all Purchase one.