Strega Liqueur

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Strega Liqueur
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Invented in Italy in 1860, Strega is a classic herb-based liqueur that achieves its bright yellow colour not from nasty e-numbers but through the addition of saffron - one of around 70 herbs in the recipe.


Strega Liqueur Reviews

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  • 5
    1 March

    This is delicious.

  • 5
    15 October 2018

    Remarkable complexity... and as bonus, an unforgettably pleasant after taste..

  • 5
    18 May 2018

    The best after dinner liqueur going. A bit like marmite though. You’ll either fall in love with this from the first sip or, as my other half does, complain that it tastes of mouthwash. It doesn’t. It’s amazing. Trust in the witch.

  • 5
    20 February 2018

    I bought Strega because In 1965 I watched a movie Rome Adventure and the Lovers are drinking Strega meaning sorcerer. I am now 63 and decided to find this drink and omg it’s delicious! It has an aroma and unforgettable taste. I will continue to purchase it as it cannot be found here in Ohio. I am a hopeless romantic!

  • 5
    4 August 2017

    The best

  • 5
    2 July 2017

    A taste of Italy, the slightly medicinal taste is a lovely little surprise!!

  • 5
    23 June 2017

    Lovely Italian liqueur great in coffee

  • 5
    10 November 2015


  • 5
    23 June 2014

    Increasingly difficult to source but well worth the effort. Promptly and efficiently delivered by the Whisky Exchange.

  • Ron in NH 14 February 2010

    I've enjoyed Strega for the last 30 years because of it's magical qualities including the ability to calm a cold and warm the throat while encouraging a full night's sleep.

  • Anonymous 1 May 2009

    I remember Strega being the principle ingredient in a cocktail called something like "Witch's Brew". It was served in Sweeny Todds back in the early Eighties. I was driven to search for it tonight whilst drinking Croatian Grappa - no label, clear, very high alcohol, reminiscent of Strega when diluted. A gift from a friend who purchased it from an old lady at a farm in Croatia.

  • John Eldridge, Flanagans Oostende Belgium 26 December 2008

    I discovered Strega back in the 1960s in Minori in southern Italy and have been drinking it ever since,although it is difficult to find.I now run an Irish bar in Ostend Belgium and a truck driver customer brings it back from Italy for me.For me it is one of the great pleasures of drinking alchohol.