Laphroaig 15 Year Old

70cl / 43%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
  • Distillery Bottling
Laphroaig 15 Year Old
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Zesty oak and warm peat smoke top notes, with sweet undertones, reminiscent of fresh nutmeg and toasted almonds. Faintly salty. Laphroaig 15yo is a smoother and more elegant elder sibling to the robust 10 year-old.

Distillery Bottling
15 Year Old

Laphroaig 15 Year Old Reviews

19 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    17 November 2015

    A friend gave my son a bottle of this for his christening 15 years ago - it''s still in the cupboard, unopened. I''m hoping he''s into sharing his dram with his dad in a few years time ! 5 stars because I know it will be good !

  • 5
    28 August 2015

    got given a bottle of this by mates in 2004 for my son''s birth. Will be saving it until he''s 21..... ten more years of restraint....

  • 5
    30 July 2015

    I used to drink this alot back in about 2003/4 when it was readily available ! Wish i kept a few bottles now!!

  • 5
    17 February 2015

    the next thing to heaven

  • 5
    17 August 2014

    Hanging on to my very last bottle dearly; saving for retirement day - soon, my friends, soon ! Meantime, i will use 50/50 Laph-QC + Laph-18 for good entertainment...

  • Anonymous 16 July 2013

    Got myself a bottle back in '09, so far it has been the "best" I've had in overall. The price is a bit steep these days, but it truly is a good drink.

  • tim mckee 9 April 2012

    the whisky was unbranded no later than 2011..if you got it, you are holding an extinct brand..nice going!

  • Peat Freak 11 September 2011

    Im so glad i got 18 bottles of these babyes when they could be bought at 35,- SLAINTE :)

  • rwbenjey 6 August 2011

    Great stuff. Looks like it's going up in price too (should have grabbed two back then...).

  • Dave. 28 April 2011

    This is a superb whisky, have tried the 10y old the Quarter cask and the 18y old, they are all wonderful but this has the best of all of them. Such a pity it has been discontinued. The 18 y old is smoother but the 15 has the better flavour.

  • Anonymous 6 January 2011

    Delicate, complex, but still reminds you that it's Laphroaig your drinking.

  • VM 14 November 2010

    A smoky and salty, yet mellow Islay single malt. Back when I knew almost nothing about whisky (nowadays I know a tiny bit) this was the very best in the world for me. Since then I've tasted several better single malts, but Laphroaig 15yo still has a place in my heart. I recently opened my last bottle and while I have to admit the peaty taste is not so special anymore and the finish should be much stronger, it's still a very good whisky. Goodbye dear! 8 out of 10

  • Anonymous 10 January 2010

    That'll leave more for us then..

  • Ray Wallace 7 January 2010

    I was going to buy this until I heard it was HRH Prince Charles's favourite. Given his taste in Ladies I demurred.

  • rwbenjey 25 October 2009

    I've had the 10 Year Cask Strength and the Quarter Cask, but this one takes it all. I was hesitant at first to buy this, given the mixed reviews I've seen and heard. However, after sipping it for the first time I was amazed. Shares the fantastic depth of the 10 Year CS and it has a hint of the fresh seaweed aftertaste I notice in my Ardbegs (also a hint of green apple). This dram just fell into second place behind my Ardbeg (though very very close to taking the crown).

  • Anonymous 28 September 2009

    Best Scotch I've had yet...

  • TWE Admin 22 July 2009

    It's already happened Julo. 15yo has been replaced by 18yo. When stocks are gone, that's it. No more being produced.

  • Julo 22 July 2009

    I've heard 15 y.o. is going to be discontinued by the distillery. Is this a speculation or a fact?

  • Anonymous 29 December 2008

    Wonderful with classic Laphroaig peatiness, yet mellow finish.