Knob Creek Small Batch Sample

3cl / 50%
  • Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • The Perfect Measure
Knob Creek Small Batch Sample
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A long-aged bourbon from Jim Beam, Knob Creek is high in rye content, enhancing the spicy flavours.
The Perfect Measure
Small Batch

This is a 3cl sample from the original bottling of:

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Knob Creek Small Batch


Knob Creek Small Batch Reviews

Tasting Notes

  • Producer's Tasting Notes

    Aroma: Toasted nuts, grain oak

    Taste: Rich, sweet, woody, full-bodied, almost fruity

    Finish: Long, rich and glowing

32 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    9 November

    This is a good Whiskey! Love it won't buy anything else

  • 5
    1 September

    For straight drinking - it's hard to pass this up.

  • 4
    17 August

    Excellent strong bourbon, easy drinking when served over the ice but nice taste and fantastic aftertaste-full flavour.

  • 4
    24 June

    My go-to Bourbon perfect to drink straight or with a mixer. Full-flavoured, rich and robust tasting bourbon.

  • 4
    27 May

    Just had my first taste, neat on ice, strong on the palate yet smooth on the oesophagus, great finish. Where's my valve amp and blues selection?

  • 5
    26 February

    My default bourbon, can't fault it

  • 5
    16 February

    A rather rude boqua, petulant, but not over bearing. All jokes aside it's a great serious brew excellent fantastic job It's my go to ;)

  • 3
    20 November 2016

    The flavors are not as smooth as i would have thought. The amazing aroma made me think it was going to be amazing but the flavor profile did not match. For a 9 year bottle i would think i would expect to taste more than alcohol and spice. I was thinking butterscotch and oak from the smell. Jim Beam Black was better in my opinion, for $10 less too.

  • 3
    14 October 2016

    Strong alcohol and spicy flavours, nice sipped neat but I prefer a sweeter bourbon.

  • 4
    26 April 2016

    Good sweet taste with a warming glow.

  • 5
    22 July 2015

    I tried this in a bar in Morehead Kentucky. Barman, gave me a shot, with a small glass of Ale8.. tasted amazing. I drank a fair amount of JD when I was in my 20''s, this is nothing like JD. Being over in Kentucky, its easy to get hold of and cheap! I can sip this neat, with some ice, or with Ale8, or with coke/pepsi. The maple tasting version is awesome in tea and coffee.. again that for me is drinkable neat. I dont think the proof really makes a difference as some people have mentioned. It tastes great, left me with a good after taste. My girlfriend loves that taste and I got a lot of very nice kisses from her after drinking... lol

  • Jim Brighton. 5 May 2014

    Wonderfully sweet with a luxurious burn on the throat, with a rich butterscotch full flavour you will love, shame it's so difficult to buy in the UK. Lovely stuff.

  • Anonymous 28 February 2014

    Lovely. Not too sweet, brown sugar, woody, a little smokey, superb sipping drink.

  • Essex Guy 8 August 2012

    Thanks for the reply. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • TWE Admin 3 August 2012

    @Essex Guy, We are always trying to get hold of new bottlings. Unfortunately, we are not able to confirm whether we will be getting the rye version just yet.

  • Essex Guy 2 August 2012

    Heard alot of good things about Knob Creek so I decided to give it a try. And I'm glad I did. A great, simple, no-nonsense bourbon that is very rich and sweet, maybe too sweet for some. And like most whiskey, as the days pass by, it just keeps on getting better and better the further down the bottle you go. Happy sipping... P.S. Will TWE be getting hold of any Knob Creek Rye?

  • pete jones (jonezy ) 27 April 2012

    10 out of 10

  • Anonymous 16 January 2012

    nice and smooth and full of flavor,if you like makers then this is the next step up.always drink straight and enjoy but beware its strong

  • Anonymous 28 March 2011

    excellent bourbon thats ver smooth, on par with elijah craig.

  • MSR 7 February 2011

    A decent, if slightly unremarkable bourbon that never quite lives up to the hype. And at the price, I would always favour Wild Turkey or 100 proof Old Grand Dad.

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