Penderyn Madeira Finish Sample

3cl / 46%
  • Single Malt Welsh Whisky
  • The Perfect Measure
Penderyn Madeira Finish Sample
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The original release from Penderyn, this is finished in Madeira casks adding richness, complexity and sweetness.
The Perfect Measure
Cask Type
Madeira Finish

This is a 3cl sample from the original bottling of:

Product name

Penderyn Madeira Finish


Penderyn Madeira Finish Reviews

42 Customer Reviews

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  • 4
    10 days ago

    Very different and exciting

  • 4
    9 October

    Aroma: banana, rum raisins, toffee palate: young whisky hotness gives away to a mild sweetness. Medium body with notes of peach, raisins and vanilla. After about 10 minutes, a lovely wood shaving nose emerges from the glass. aftertaste: vanilla, slight bitterness, nutty dryness reminiscence of 2015 Compass Box Flaming Heart. I like this one without water.

  • 3
    3 October

    I bought a bottle of this a few years ago. It was disappointing; powerful, paint stripper stuff. I received a birthday bottle recently so I've given it another whirl with better results. Nose: lovely. Hot cross buns, fudge and then toast and a little dark fruit and chocolate. No burn or prickle on the nose so didn't add water this time. Palate: Gorgeous mouth feel, rich mouth coating. Full bodied, cereals, dried sultanas, prunes and something close to chocolate but not quite. That mouth coating turns waxy. Finish is long and very drying (makes you want more), with more of those prunes. Interesting and certainly different to Scotch. Recommended.

  • 5
    17 August

    Gorgeous whiskey, goes down a treat

  • 3
    12 August

    Sweet intensely light fruity the most differant of all the whisky I've tried has a nice peppery malty burst arrival with a short intense Madeira finish almost as if the whisky Is light and has little character of its own worth trying at least once but too sweet for me

  • 3
    17 May

    A bit sweet for me, not a bad effort, but it's not for me.

  • 1
    14 April

    rough and sweet at the same time, very disappointing.

  • 4
    19 March

    A nose of fruitcake and vanilla, sweetness with the Madeira flavour cutting through as you let it rest on your palate. A great whisky that I have returned to after a few months without,l. A pleasure to drink and full of flavour..

  • 2
    13 February

    Wanted to like it, but the madeira overtones are just too much, comes together on my palate like a cocktail of the cheapest sherry and straight grain alcohol. Opinions may differ.

  • 4
    3 February

    Recommended by my dad's mate. He liked it so much he painted a line on the bottle to limit his generosity. Sweet smelling but don'tlet that influence your expectation as it is nowhere near as sweet on the palate. A real surprise and extra value gained as a talking point. Recommended.

  • 2
    27 January

    Way too sweet for me, with an oddly sweetener/caramel & fruity aftertaste that reminded me very strongly of Southern Comfort. Not popular with any of the eight of us who tried it.

  • 5
    12 January

    Complete and utter surprise, a genuinely impressive whiskey. Lechyd da!

  • 5
    16 December 2016

    Welsh gold

  • 5
    23 October 2016

    An excellent drink, smooth and we'll finished. Quite sweet on the lips but very pleasant non the less. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    5 October 2016

    Absolutely delicious, got a bottle for Christmas and it looks like another one is on the list for this coming Christmas!

  • 5
    2 March 2016

    I bought the penderyn madeira whiskey with a open mind not exspecting the world however for such a young whiskey it can hold its own i beautiful flavours such as fudge and banana when you add water you get a lot more also this whiskey is non chill filtered and i believe there is no E150a added penderyn are making whiskey that is as good if not better than scotch.

  • 5
    4 February 2016

    Fantastic dram! Pleasantly surprised by this Welsh gem. Superior than many up here in Scotland even

  • 5
    25 December 2015

    My Daughter and family bought this for Xmas this year really enjoyed the smooth creamy taste,will try the next one with water.

  • 5
    11 November 2015

    Love it.

  • 5
    1 November 2015

    Wonderful! Unfortunately we finished it way too fast.

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