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Around the World Whisky Gift Set

Whisky isn’t just made in Scotland. Try a sample of the best the world has to offer with this gift set of five 3cl samples. Inside is one each of: Michter's US*1 Bourbon (USA), Amrut Peated Cask Strength (India), Kavalan Sherry Oak (Taiwan), English Whisky Co Classic (England) and Nikka Miyagikyo (Japan). This superb present for the adventurous whisky drinker also comes with a glass.
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Around the World Whisky Gift Set Tasting notes

  • English Whisky Co. Classic (TWE Exclusive) Sample

    English Whisky Co.

    Classic (TWE Exclusive)

    English Single Malt Whisky


    ABV 53.4 %

    Product of England

    Nose: Sticky toffee apples and shortbread biscuits with candied lemon peel.

    Palate: Victoria sponge cake with honeysuckle, sweet mango and mouthwatering orchard fruit.

    Finish: Lingering, with nutmeg and fudge developing into spicy baked apples.

  • Nikka Miyagikyo Sample

    Nikka Miyagikyo


    Japanese Single Malt Whisky


    ABV 45 %

    Product of Japan

    Nose: Full and rich with floral notes, tropical fruit, beeswax and hints of wood smoke.

    Palate: Malt focused, with cinnamon and ginger spiciness, chocolate and tobacco.

    Finish: Long and soft. Tobacco fades to leave spiced, stewed fruit.

  • Michter's US*1 Small Batch Bourbon Sample


    US*1 Small Batch Bourbon



    ABV 45.7 %

    Product of USA

    Nose: Rich notes of barley sugar, raisins and dried fruit, with fennel seed and fresh bread.

    Palate: Rich and spicy, with juicy fruit, cinnamon and clean, well-defined flavours.

    Finish: Welcoming kick of black pepper, then the dried fruit stays strong.

  • Kavalan Sherry Oak Sample


    Sherry Oak

    Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky


    ABV 46 %

    Product of Taiwan

    Nose: Rich sherry-cask notes – dates, prunes and raisins, with spice and savoury umami touches.

    Palate: Sweet and thick, with dried berries, black pepper, tobacco and dark chocolate.

    Finish: The dark chocolate fades to reveal sweet fruit.

  • Amrut Peated Cask Strength Sample


    Peated Cask Strength

    Indian Single Malt Whisky


    ABV 62.8 %

    Product of India

    Nose: Spicy and smoky, with freshly milled grain and peat paired with black pepper and lime.

    Palate: Fresh and zingy with sweet peat smoke balanced against raisins and gentle spice.

    Finish: Long and complex, with sweetness becoming rich, dark and smoky.

Around the World Whisky Gift Set Reviews

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