Finlaggan Old Reserve Islay Malt

70cl / 40%
  • Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Finlaggan Old Reserve Islay Malt
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Customer Rating
A mystery Islay single malt from an unnamed distillery, purported by many to be Lagavulin, which somehow seems a little unlikely to us. That said, this is a terrific dram for the money and likely to appeal to frugal peatheads.

Finlaggan Old Reserve Islay Malt Reviews

18 Customer Reviews

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  • 5
    30 December 2017

    Just got this single malt as a gift from my son. Generally I'm not a big fan of Islay scotch. This one blew me away. Particularly when I priced it. Excellent scotch for the money.

  • 4
    3 December 2017

    Certainly no Ardbeg, yet a smooth, pleasant and well balanced peaty nose and taste.

  • 4
    30 November 2017

    Lovely nose. Peaty and smoothe.

  • 3
    29 September 2017

    This most certainly a Lagavulin. A little rough around the edges and not as complex, which speaks to its young age. A steal for the price!

  • 5
    13 May 2017

    Excellent peaty malt for the price

  • 5
    6 December 2015

    I have consumed several bottles of Finlaggan, along with other Islay malts. Finlaggan is very much a competitor, especially factoring in the price.

  • 5
    17 September 2015

    one of my best experiences. a very good and tasty wisky worth every penny

  • 5
    8 July 2015

    A real discovery. Despite being Scottish I have never seen this whisky on sale in my native land. I had to travel to Seattle to purchase it at a very modest price.It is a very fine whisky, very enjoyable. Perhaps even too good to share!

  • 5
    3 June 2015

    This is a great Islay to be bought for a relatively low price. It''s full peaty and smoky taste are a pleasure for your mouth ( if you like this kind of whisky of course). The warm honey- ish and smoky finish lasts for a long time. Definitely a stayer, go buy this dram!

  • 4
    17 May 2015

    It is an amazing value for an Islay Single Malt Scotch. Say what you''d like about it, but if you're a working man/woman, it's a great value on a really good bottle of Scotch!

  • 4
    24 April 2015

    I had a double at west kilbride golf club recently and was most impressed but will someone please tell me which distillary it originates

  • 4
    15 March 2015

    As an Islay lover, I believe this is the best Islay for the $ but do not believe it is a young Lagavulin. It''s light body & intense peat suggest a young Ardbeg, if you drink it out of the same glass as aged Islay''s it brings out the characteristics of Ardbeg much more than the fuller bodied Islay''s.

  • Phil O'Sophical 20 August 2013

    I think this is a young-ish Caol Ila, despite the "old reserve" label. Pretty good for 40 percent, but if you like this you should certainly try the cask-strength version - lots more peaty goodness!

  • Carlos 11 February 2013

    This whisky surely has great price/quality. It tastes really good, but there's something strange about the nose. I don't know, as I am no true connoisseur but I don't like the nose that much

  • Bear 21 December 2012

    Good dram at a damn good price

  • Nasse 30 October 2012

    Nice dram. The one ordered about a month ago must Caol Ila, since there is not as much peatiness as Lagavulin.

  • Gnoffel 8 November 2011

    I find it à very pleasant wiskey to drink, i was told it comes from THE Lagavullin distillery, but who van tell? Personally i find this à gold whisky given its price!

  • Anonymous 2 June 2011

    Great dram. Wonderful taste. Excellent ashy, smokey, peaty finish. The price is wonderful. I prefer this over "Black Bottle." If you want a change from a Laphroaig 10 y.o. and want to preserve your Uigeadail and Ardbeg expressions, this will definitely do.